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Advice about orders?

Hi, I’ve been here for about 2 months already and have had only 5 orders. My main direction is speech writing and all the reviews were 5 stars and amazing feedback. I truly want to increase the number of orders, but these days, even the buyer request section is empty all the time. What can I do?


If you want more orders, figure out where the people who need speeches can be found, and go promote your services to those people.

I think you should not let yourself down. 5 orders in first 2 months are not bad at all. Try creating more gigs, promote them, stay active on the platform. Try improving your description, search tags, packages. One thing you’ll notice, whenever you’ll edit your gig, Fiverr will push your gig for more impressions. Check what your competitors are offering, compare your gig with them. Make your gig look more attractive.
And always keep believing.

5 orders in 2months not bad you need to check

  1. gig title
  2. Gig Picture
  3. Description
  4. Keywords
  5. select correct category for your services
  6. give quick delivery
    etc and hope fully you will get more orders, also do SEO of your gigs.
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