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Advice and Opinion: People Love Coupons


In my time on Fiverr, I have realized one thing - people, if they are offered a discount, are that much likely to purchase your gig or become a return customer. On my best-selling business plan gig, I have created the “gimmick” of taking $5 off for customers who message me first, thus cutting down on wasted order time in figuring out what the customer needs, and causing customers to message me, which helps to lock in sales that may not be absolute at first. This is combined with half-price gigs for return customers.

If you haven’t already tried it, I’d suggest posting special prices and “offers” on your gig - you’ll see a great change in your number of messages and sales.


Hi @mrtimthewriter,

I have mixed feelings about this. From one perspective, your theory totally makes sense - encouraging a buyer to message you first for a discount is a great way to generate a “captive audience” to seal the deal.

On the other hand, the argument could be made that unless you have a fairly low conversion rate to begin with, customers who are already reading your Gig description have a high likelihood of purchasing from you, and giving an automatic discount would represent lost revenue. Even more to this point, customers who have previously worked with you (and given you a 5-star rating before) are unlikely to waste their own time looking for someone else when they want a similar service again. If you look at it from the perspective of a Buyer, it’s difficult to find someone here that you trust to produce good work. So one you find someone you’re happy with, it’s unlikely that it would take a 50% discount to get you to come back - you’d probably do this on your own anyway!

Not to get too science-y here, but the problem with anecdotal data like our individual experiences as Sellers here is that it can be very convincing/subjective even if it hasn’t been fully tested :slight_smile: Have you tried taking away that line in your gigs for a week or two and compared the results?



You’re very right! I really can’t debate your points. Admittedly, I didn’t really start taking my gigs fully seriously until after I started offering coupons, so I don’t have any information on that regrettably.

Maybe one of our Fiverr friends would like to test it out and tell us?


@mrtimthewriter, thanks!

You just reminded me about something else I forgot to mention, too. Once I’ve found something that “works” with my gigs, I’m reluctant to make any changes and risk rocking the boat! I suspect it’s the same with many of us here…



Yes, again, you are exactly right - I forgot to put that in my post as well. Now I’m too afraid to change it!


I’m reading “The Wizard of Ads,” one of the lessons is that discounts are like crack, at first they feel great and attract business, then they become addictive and nobody wants what you’re selling unless you offer discounts. It also makes the seller sound desperate.

Besides, if you take out $5, and I make a $5 order, what will you do? Deliver and then refund me? You’re making nothing. You’d be better off offering a free gig extra, but then again, why give it away when you can get paid for it? Go the extra mile for clients and projects you like, then the clients will be grateful.



The $5 off deal counts for only gigs that are pricier no matter what, such as gigs that are a base of $25, 50, etc.