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Advice? Buyer is using my work for their business!

Hey fiverr family!

I’m in a bit of a tricky situation and was wondering if anyone might have any advice to offer! So my services revolve around online dating/profile writing, and I have had this repeat client for a while. This client is actually a dating coach who has been using my services (and by that, I mean my basic $5 gigs only) to help out her own clients. She has even sent me a mail asking me for insider information, such as what specific questionnaire I use with my clients.

Lately, she has started to ask for revisions in which she is asking me to add on gig extras for no cost. I’m starting to have the feeling that she is using/reselling my work and making bank. Is this actually allowed on her part? Should I politely tell her that it might be best not to work together anymore? Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Thanks a bunch guys!

solve your through discussion. Discussion is the best method.

As far as I understand it, unless you state otherwise in your gig, a buyer is free to do whatever they want with what they purchase from you, including selling on to other people.

Perhaps you could introduce a commercial license if you want to discourage people from reselling your work?

I also got many offers as such but none of them came with business, I think most of them are using it as permission to use our work for their own purposes, like using as their own work in other freelance websites , so be careful

I had a similar buyer last year. They were starting an SEO agency or something, can’t remember now. They gave me someone else’s home page to rewrite. Anyway, he loved it, then said “now I will use you to grow my business!”. This annoyed me unduly due to the way he expressed it–as if I was some minion who would rewrite someone else’s business while he gained clients off other people’s work. It was the attitude, I suppose. I rather curtly told him that we would not be working together. I say “curt”–rude might be more appropriate.

Anyway, he slunk off into the sunset, never to been from again. I don’t really care what people do with my work after they’ve paid me, but it’s generally best not to be a churlish little braggart about it. @offlinehelpers has quite a good solution if you don’t want to go down my (unrecommended, but effective) route!

–and that’s coming from a churlish little braggart :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are not comfortable with a client for whatever reason you can politely decline to do work for them.

It is totally your decision.

Why don’t you tell her that you are charging extra for the gig extras and that this particular add on isn’t included in the base price. You can then send her a custom offer for the gig extra.

Other than that I agree with @offlinehelpers.

Yes, a commercial license would help. Additionally, you can decline your buyer’s future orders. OR, up your prices and state on the gig page that discounts may be available through a custom offer… then don’t make a custom offer for that buyer because you don’t want to work for/with them anymore! If they insist on ordering, at least you get paid more. That got rid of one of my bad buyers who kept pushing the limits of a $5 gig (even after a pretty heft discount!).

It is really frustrating to have a middleman earn so much from your work. However, Fiverr’s TOS says there’s transfer of rights upon sale, unless otherwise stated on the gig page (I think, anyway) so you aren’t protected right now.

As for her revisions – decline them or ask for more money! “Sure, I can make that revision, no problem! Revisions are $5. I’m sending along a custom gig extra to account for the extra work.”

When they say “Oh, I thought it was free” (which I’ve had a buyer say, after requesting I add another 500 words to a writing), just “apologize” about the miscommunication and say you’ll make it more clear on your gig or some other kind of fluff. Either she’ll buy it and you’ll feel better about your work, or she’ll leave you alone!

Hey thanks guys! That was some really helpful input and it sounds like I have a few options here. You are all awesome! :slight_smile: