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Advice for a new guy?

Hi forum! My gig is only days old, so i’m aware it can take time before I see sales, but i’m just wondering if anyone can look and tell me if I’ve made any typical mistakes when sellers create their first gig?

My actual talent is in web design, I hand code bootstrap websites but the web design market on here looks saturated with sellers making money from template designs or wix, so is there a market for genuine bespoke designs that are hand crafted and if so, should I look to build up my ratings with $5 gigs before I advertise bespoke web design?

Be good to hear some feedback!

Welcome to Fiverr!
I think your first gig looks great. If anything, I would suggest adding more samples to your gallery, but that’s not something I would say is holding you back.

If you think you could bring more value to people by offering bespoke designs, I think you should definitely add another gig as soon as you are able to do so! Or, if you’re serious about Fiverr, perhaps just make bespoke design your main and only type of service. If you differentiate yourself enough, your market will be able to find you. It might be slow-going, but it will probably be more rewarding in the long run!

Cheers amandy, especially as you are a purple belt!

Not sure if you’re aware of a website called placeit? they charge $28 for a single purchase, same resolution as the image I can sell, so I will leave the gig active and be a patient man!

My passion is web design, I love working with people that are passionate about their business and want a fantastic web presence, I’m sure there are people on Fiverr that want more then a generic website, plus the websites I design can be updated by the client, I sell them a licence for software ($20), which means they have ownership of their website and content management system.

I just need to decide if Fiverr is the best way to find clients online, as there are some talented designers (amongst the generic rubbish) from other parts of the world selling websites for a low price, and I respect why that is, as they need to make a living.

Hey there,

Some things you can try it adding a gig video to catch buyers attentions. You can also try playing around with the gigs keywording from time to time until you find some that work best with your gig. I hope that helps!

Hi Mrbootstrap.

I agree that your gig looks good and professional.

A few thoughts:

I noticed your gig url doesn’t match the gig title and although I’m a newbie here myself I understand it’s better if those match up.

Marketing graphics isn’t my field so when I first looked at your gig I didn’t immediately understand what you were selling. Perhaps “product screenshot” is the right technical term but I think you could follow that up with a quick for-dummies type explanation of the service – one of your aims must be to sell things people didn’t know they needed.

Your profile picture is great; I like the way it’s tilted for that jaunty angle. I think you could improve your profile text slightly:

“I’m a self taught designer that used my passion for design to learn how to create professional websites that are usually only possible if you use one of the big agencies. My background is in customer service/fitness, so I’m a people person that will deliver the service as expected.”

The use of “that” for a person can be a bit clunky. Perhaps something slightly more polished:

“I’m a self-taught designer. My passion for design has led me to the creation of professional websites – the kind that are usually only available through one of the big agencies. I have a background in customer service/fitness, which means I’m a people person who will deliver the service as expected.”

obtainium, you have pulled me up on my lazy mistakes, especially as I’m a deep thinker, I have made some laughable mistakes in my time! So thanks for tidying up my profile text!

As for the type of service I offer, typically we refer to these services as “mock ups” but then people that are non technical view mock ups, as say a web design mock up, rather then the service I’m offering,

This is the description placeit use, who are the leaders online in this field

“insert your app screenshot into iPhone and iPad mockups templates for free. It’s much faster than using a PSD mockup. Generate product mockups using our …”

blazecp, your suggestion for a video is a good idea, trouble is I have a very deep voice and may scare off any potential customers!

Anyway, thanks for the tips/heads up as it’s not easy writing a gig :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I forgot to say that I agree that it’s a good idea to start up a gig for your website development immediately if that’s the main thing you want to sell on fiverr, even if you’re charging more for it. You might as well have it available and viewable.

By the way, be careful when name-checking online leaders in the field, even in a forum, because you may drive custom to them instead of your own gig, if you see what I mean. These posts are editable, though.

obtainium, the advice is all helpful, as when you seek work as sole trader, you tend to focus on what you excel at, which(for me) is design/layout, yet other aspects aren’t as polished (as you picked up) so your advice means I’ve read over my freelance website (which isn’t currently live) and polished up the content.

I may well take you up on your services (and emmas) as looking at your profiles, I see that is your area of expertise.

Mr. Bootstrap,

Don’t worry about scaring people away with a deep voice. Put up a video. Be yourself, and talk to the customer – not to a crowd. As if the customer is sitting across a small table from you over coffee. Be friendly, personable, and that will be non-threatening. You’re not standing on a stage yelling to be heard at the back of a big room. :slight_smile: That should help.

It’s only 60 seconds, too. Keep that in mind.


Thanks Criss,

When you talk about something you’re passionate about, its much easier to let the words flow so my deep voice may work with me!

A video would also allow me to show how my websites are flawless when it comes to being responsive. “responsive web design in 60 seconds,” Brought to you by Mr Bootstrap… if that doesn’t work then I will take a trip to the dark side and start using wix!