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Advice for BUYER REQUESTS section?

Thanks for your interest in this topic. I just wanted to receive some advices concerning the BUYER REQUESTS. I saw many posts where people suggested to keep on checking this section and sending as many offers as you can. I have been doing so for a week now. There are not many requests, but I always try to respond sending them my offer and still… nothing.

I wonder, maybe I’m doing something wrong? What do you suggest to write in the offer description when you have to make an offer for a specific buyer request? Does it have to be long? Short? Any suggestion would be much appreciated!



Buyer requests are a numbers game. I believe a popular member of this forum sent nearly 150 before she received her first order. Things do seem to improve a bit once a seller’s profile grows, and once they learn how to create effective requests.

I’ve used this feature a few times to search for sellers. I’ll share several basic tips:

  • Length isn’t as important as concision. I tend to read requests for as long as they interest me. If a person starts waffling or using cliches, that’s when I zone out and click away.

  • Grammar and style are really important. I think I received somewhere close to 40 replies to my first request. That’s an awful lot of reading. Those requests that looked difficult to read (think bad grammar, poor spacing, incorrect punctuation), were skipped past.

  • Try to be as specific as possible. So many people reply to requests with templates or generic responses. Those responses help me find out nothing about such sellers. If, however, a seller talks properly about their relevant experience, their passion for the subject matter, and ideas for the project, their response is immediately in the top 10%.

  • If possible, mention successes. This might be difficult to do, as we all like to keep an air of anonymity on Fiverr, but if you’re able to talk about your successes, do that. If you can talk about noteworthy clients, do. If you can say your work helped increase your last customer’s sales by 20%, do. Every one of us wants to work with a winner. We all want our projects to succeed.

  • Try to demonstrate you’ve read the review without taking up too much space in the response. Why? Most people don’t properly read and think about the requests they reply to. Those that do, however, often waste two or three lines of text trying to demonstrate they’ve read the request. This prevents the reply from being concise and getting to the point fairly quickly.

  • Be quick. The sooner you can reply, the better your chances of winning the job, in my opinion. If your response is 40th in line, there’s a risk of the buyer becoming overwhelmed or tired and stopping before they reach yours. Frameworks can be useful. Don’t send generic templates, but have a framework in mind, which you can fill in quickly.

  • Have a good profile. If a seller appeals to me, I’ll go and check out their profile. There, I expect to find more about their skills, qualifications and experience. I also expect to see high-quality examples of their work. If their profile looks incomplete for any reason, I start feeling those urges to click away.

  • Try to deal with objections buyers may have. This is a classic sales technique. Try to anticipate reasons why buyers wouldn’t choose you, and tackle them in your response. Again, this isn’t something you can do every time, but it’s something you can do sometimes. An obvious example: let’s say I wanted a travel article written about Madrid. A seller from Milan might reply. Immediately, I’d start thinking to myself this person isn’t capable of doing the job. However, if they anticipated my objections and told me they’d been to the city many times, a rejection could easily turn into a sale.

I guess all of these basic tips can be summarised as follows:

  1. Make the buyer want to read your request by getting it in early, by making it visually attractive, and by being concise and original.

  2. Tell the buyer exactly why they should hire you and what you will bring to the project.

  3. Tell the buyer why they should believe what a random person is saying.

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That’s awesome. I am nearly lost for words! Seriously, thank you for taking the time to reply to my question and for all the tips and advices, they are so helpful. I will keep these in mind and work on it and hopefully will finally get some orders from the buyer requests section in the near future. Again, thank you so much!

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