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Advice for Communication with Buyer


Hope you are doing well. I have a simple question but till now I don’t get proper answer it. When any client/buyer first time come, in that time, some client direct give mail or personal information (skyp)for communicate with them without no other words. How can handle this. Because, I don’t want to do anything which doesn’t allow in fiverr. Do I need to report or spam? Or what I need to do?

Any suggestion is highly appreciate. Stay safe. Thanks.


First you can replay them back saying you are bound to fiverr TOS so cant take communication out side or your account may get banned !

Ask them if they still want to work with you, and if yes just keep your communication and transaction only and only on fiverr…

Even after that if they are not ready to use fiverr platform and keep asking for direct contact, you can immediately Report them and block them for future contact !

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Always respond to the message to avoid it from affecting your “Response Rate”.

I usually send following message, “It is violation of fiverr’s Terms of Service to contact using any other means of communication. We must do all the communications and deals on fiverr only. You may read fiverr’s ToS here:

You may also report the message by selecting following reason, “The user asked for payment or wanted to communicate outside of Fiverr”.

Thank you so much. But sometimes, It’s really needs to use Team Viewer or Anydesk for development issue. Sometime, I have to install the server, database or some work in clients Computer. That time what I need to do? Thanks in advance.

In that case, you should first contact fiverr CS and tell them your concern…that you need this for work propose…and they will guide from there :slight_smile:

just keep communication on fiverr outside fiverr is no allowed if anyone said dont reply aur contact with CS, its your safety :palms_up_together:t3:

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