Advice for customers


Quick tip for customers. Not posting this in ‘Tips for Buyers’ as I want it to be SO secret!

If you request a gig and it is delivered, but then you want to COMPLETELY change the title of the gig and get some free content, then just request a modification. if the seller has ‘unlimited modifications’ in place, they have to deliver what you request, no matter how drastically different the content is!

Take this example. I am the role of a buyer:

“Good Sir, will you supply two articles with these titles”

“Certainly. For I am an evil seller”

evil seller delivers the content

“Thank you kindly, sir. This content is absolutely fantastic. However, I got one of the titles wrong. I already had that produced. I am afraid I am going to have to reject and get new titles from you”

“that is unfair, but I am an evil seller, so I am going to get in touch with customer support”

evil seller gets in touch with customer support

Good guy customer support responds:

“I am sorry but once you deliver your order, your buyer has the right to ask for modifications until the order is done according to his modifications.”


You are 199% wrong. Who in customer support did you actually talk to?? Once you deliver what was previously requested support will most of the times side with you. May I ask why you claim the seller is evil?? I think in this case the buyer is the evil one.


Try reading it again - the OP was making the same point you were, but reversing the roles. He’s the ‘evil seller’ - not!


I am the evil seller. The one who refused to completely change up the content for the client (i.e. new titles), got in touch with customer support, and then they told me I had to.



Thank you for explaining it Ryan.


The buyer didn’t asked me anymore for that extra image after that and left a 5star review at the end. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t consider that being evil, I would consider it being slightly bent


You could have said “Yes add the image then add another 5$ to the overall order”


How would that be slightly bent?

Are you saying it is fine for customers to change what they want on an order?


I’ m saying that when a seller refuses to do modifications that weren’t in the original order, they aren’t evil they are just slightly bent… Just like saying they are not broken they are just bent


If you don’t mind, can I ask you a question?


Bent implies that they are in the wrong.


Go ahead and ask away.


How do you manage to write 2x500 word articles for just $3.16?


Broken means they can’t change anything, bent means they are flexible and under some circumstance they can change.


I have said this a few times before.
People need to understand what constitutes a revision/modification before offering them to buyers.
A revision is slight change to a slightly imperfect order. It is not a “do over”, additional work which was not originally specified or a change in the requirements.

It should also be noted that a revision should not be counted for seller mistakes. For example, if the buyer said the main color of a logo was to be blue in the beginning but the seller delivered yellow, that is the seller’s mistake which has to be fixed - not a revision.

The thing is, I don’t think many CS people understand that and so it needs to be explained to them.
Had you made that point to CS I think they would have agreed with you.



But seriously, I can pump out a gig every 20 minutes. So, $12 per hour. Not high enough yet, but I top it up with other work.


I, personally, do not feel any sellers should offer revisions or modification.

If the seller makes a mistske, I don’t care if they offer revision or not, I expect them to live up to their promise and deliver what was promised.

If I make the mistake, I need to be fork out money to get it corrected, either by adding an extra or custom offer.

What Ryan described is the buyer’s fault. He or she needs to “man” up or “woman” up and pay him another $5.

Cheap people tick me off. :unamused: or maybe, I’m just in one of my moods today.


Yes, I also complete 1 article under 20 minutes, but considering your country of residence, I thought that the payment was too low.