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Advice for Female Voice Over Gig?

Hi, I started my voice over gig a bit over a week ago, I’ve gotten 42 views and 2 orders so about a 5% conversion rate.
Any Fiverr pros in voice over that can help me? Are these conversion rates okay? Anyway I can edit my gig to be pushed more in Fiverr search or promoted within different sections of fiverr?
Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. I wish to keep my image private and off the internet. That’s why I use a royalty free image. It’s my voice, kinda hard to fake that on a voice over gig haha.
  2. Thanks, I’ll work on that.
  3. Interesting point of view, I’ll need to work on adding more samples.
  4. I thought so too, but I didn’t know what I could put here.

@Kjblynx is right: even if you prefer to keep your face off the Internet, buyers will frequently try to find out who you are, and if they find that you’re using a stock image for your profile photo, they’ll immediately leave and never come back. If you don’t want to use one of your own photos, then you can always ask an artist on Fiverr to draw a caricature. Whatever you do, though, it’s really important to show your face because that goes a LONG way for establishing credibility.

Also, voice-over gigs are massively over-saturated on Fiverr. If you want to stand out, you can’t get away with using stock photos or giving samples of your work that are anything less than exemplary.