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Advice for logo and branding package

hi everyone,

we are a new online fashion boutique in early stages of planning. We are at the stage whereby we need to decide on our company logo and brand identity, as in how our logo will transfer onto business cards, letterheads, webpage etc etc. Is there a package or subheading we can follow which will lead us to designers who can accommodate this request, rather than just logo, or logo and business cards…essentially we need the whole brand packaging look.

Also we have a very velar idea of how we want this to look, we just don’t have the technical ability or software packages to do it ourselves.

Any help and suggestions would be greatly received.

Kind regards
Beetle 16


Hi, Beetle!
All I can share is from my experiences as a buyer – as I needed something similar done as well.

When you click graphics & design -> logo design

You can check on those boxes and it will most likely narrow down to sellers that can accommodate your request.

Also, perhaps you can simply look around and check gigs of logo designers you want to work with and you’ll see as well the packages they include

Hope this helps! I highly encourage you to review their portfolio meticulously , read previous buyers reviews if available and even contact them so they’ll better understand your needs. :slight_smile:

Another way is to post a buyers request and say everything you need and sellers will reach out to you from there but personally I like doing the searching myself.


Hello dear, Like you demanded for advice and suggestion for your new fashion company. Whether it is logo, logo in business, your letterhead, webpage etc.

1.My dear it is possible and Achievable, it is called Branding that is the general Definition for what you want to achieved.

  1. Another advice I’ll give is visit PEP fashion company, just google it by typing PEP Fashion company. Take a look at their website it will show you the exact inspiriation you are looking for.

3.Lastly GOD bless your Business startup level


From what I can tell you will need a brand designer. They will assist in laying out the ground work for how your brand image is to look across various mediums in as consistent manner as possible. Typing in “brand identity” should get you off to a good start in finding the right seller; and ditto to what @theratypist said.

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hi there, 1st you choose a logo desginer for your brand and after ask him whether he provide stationary design or not ( it include all your Branding stuff design like business card , letter head, envelope, etc,) if he is not doing it then you can search stationary design in Fiverr, hope it helps

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There are many great logo designers here at Fiverr, hope you find your freelancer!

This is brand identity and fiverr has tons of sellers from the new to the pro level offering this

If you really want to get what you want you have one choice, pick new seller which you trust the most and he will put all his effort on you and try to make you perfectly satisfied, he will be more focused on your project than the other ones who have more at one time…

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You’ll have tons of options. It us nice that you posted on forum. To be honest, I am the WordPress guy, not the graphics one. But you will find good designers.

Just search on fiverr. There you go, please ask for portfolio

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