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Advice for my motivational gig


Hello everyone,
I’m Antonio, I’m here to offer life coaching services related to interpersonal relationships and the achievement of one’s goals.
this is my gig: I published the gig 5 hours ago, no views or orders yet
Do you have any advice for me? thanks to all, I’m new here and I don’t know how to improve my views and orders


You could change “Ops” to “Oops” and " animale" to “animal”. Maybe check formating and that the last sentence has a full stop at the end. You could also maybe expand the description.

There’s a delay (as far as I know) between when things like gig views occur and when they show up in the stats so it’s normal. For orders it’s probably a good idea to check the buyer request page and send offers to relevant requests.


You just started, please stick around, you’ll understand soon enough how it works, please be patient


After publishing the gig. It take at least 72 hour to approve


The stats are updated once a day, so you won’t see any activity before tomorrow (unless someone orders a gig, you will get a notification). Optimize the gig- there are plenty of topics on forum concerning that issue. Good luck! :slight_smile:


thanks for the advice :pray:


go through the blogs and podcast and also read this: it helps alot. It surely has helped me.