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Advice for new sellers on fiverr

Hi Everyone!
I am new to Fiverr and looking for tips on what anyone can do or does to get started selling!
Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:


Active As much as possible ,
Share your Fiverr GIG in social media ,
make a Good Gig Description with gig images . with Powerful keywords .
This 3 steps can make you success , success doesn’t come tomorrow , be patient and focus on your work.

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Welcome @luisguillen10.

As @akashmahmud2 said, sharing your link to your social media will be a good one.
I would also recommend having a good image of your GIG.
Description and keywords are important, but I think you should see your gig as a buyer. In that case you will see what you need to change and update.

If you think like a buyer, you will have the best start. Good luck on your journey.


Well, first off, you have less than 1-minute read-time on the Fiver Forum according to your Forum profile.

I suggest you do some homework here.

Start reading things you find in the category here called Fiverr Tips.

Also, read, re-read and understand the Terms of Service.

All the answers you need are here.

You just have to look for them.

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How to get my 2nd order

Welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for a lot of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

There are many tips you will find which have written by experts. Just search in the search box what do you want. After much studying, you may write about particular tips which you don’t find into previous topics. Then anyone can help you who knows the particular solution.

You may read this topic below.

Order getting process always same. There is no particular or special process for getting the second order. You may get next orders by the same process as the first order. I hope getting the second order will be easier than first order if you have good rating for previous work.