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Hello Fiverr ^^

I just made my Fiverr account last month and to ask some stuffs:

  • is Favorite will increase chance to go to front page ?
  • can we set custom thumbnail for the video in our gigs ?
  • can we promote our gig in forum ? if there is, can i know where’s the thread ?

so far that’s my curiosity,
thank you for your attention :slight_smile:


Check this


No, more favorites will not have any affect on your gig placement in the search results. Favorites are merely a bookmarking option, so that someone who discovers your gigs, can find it again if they are interested in it.

Promotion posts for your gigs are only allowed in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section of the forum. If they are posted in the wrong forum, they will be moved to the correct forum.


wow, so there’s a thread for it,
thank you so much ^^


so its basiclly a bookmark option that will appeared in your feeds, right ?
alright, noted…

“My Fiverr Gigs”, okay, i’ll try to check the thread!
thank you for the information sir ^^


I’m not sure what you mean by it “will appeared in your feeds”. Favorited gigs do not gain anything special, nor do they appear anywhere more visible. They are merely bookmarked in a user’s account so that that gig can be found more easily. There is no ranking benefit to having more favorites.


If you collect more Favourite,but it wont to be help you.
You should share your gig on social Media and get more views and click.

Then your gig will be rank 1st page.

Thank You.


Yes.Good This Point.Increase Fiverr Gig Sell.


No, as already noted in this thread, Favorites will NOT “increase your sell”.


I am Sure you Succes 95%


Thanks those who answered. I am also a new seller. I have this questions on my mind also. But I was a little bit busy to make new gig.