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Advice for ppt and voiceover gigs

hi, I am struggling with gigs for making powerpoint and voiceover, especially when others with much experienced knowledge can have higher chances of getting requests.
Where can I find training grounds to improve my expertise for both gigs besides Fiverr? I know for voice over, that is Librivox for volunteering in producing audiobooks and that’s it. I still have no idea for training available in powerpoint making except from watching Youtube tutorial videos.
Anyway I also hate it when people give me excuses instead of just rejection. This is the one bad experience I have, it gives me anxiety.

Hi, I figure I’d reply here since we were chatting on other people’s thread yesterday hahaha. :joy: Thank you for mentioning SoundCloud, it’s a really good idea. I’d definitely try putting something there once I’ve figured everything out.

As for your query, there is a website called ACX, which is basically a marketplace to facilitate VOs with people who want to hire VO to record their book. Unfortunately, it’s currently only available for residents of US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. I’ll just bookmark it for when they decided to go global, haha.

What kind of excuses people give you?

Please see (IMG) point 4: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

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