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Advice for voice-over voice care?

Hey voice over pals - can you share your tips for avoiding voice fatigue while recording long projects?

I am completing an urgent project this morning with around 3,000 words left to go and my voice has totally given up on me. I don’t want to deliver a recording where my voice is cracking and shaky. I have been drinking loads of water but that’s not helping :frowning:

Thanks my loves! :cupid:


I don’t usually get to record projects that get to fatigue my voice that much, but if it happens I just try and project it fully from the diaphragm - and release stress on my vocal chords/neck. Think of it as “bypassing” the chords. Makes the voice sound a little bit deeper, but at least I can keep on going. Best advice, other than drinking water constantly as you already do, is take plenty of breaks during recording. I take 20 minutes after every 40 minutes of recording, even if I don’t feel that fatigued.

Otherwise, some things I take if I feel like my voice isn’t on point include hot milk with honey and/or some sort of propolis spray or propolis with honey candy.

Hope this works! :slight_smile:


Ah, thank you so much :slight_smile: I’ll take your advice re: diaphram projection for the rest of my recording. I’m drinking so much water I will be peeing for 100 years.


I over did once and lost my voice for 10 days - it really wasn’t worth it.

I break up larger orders and deliver them across a couple of days.

I also suggest working ‘split’ shifts - do a couple of hours in the morning and then another couple later in the day,


Yeah, that’s my current method. I record first thing in the morning when my voice is at its best, then take a couple hours break and record about noonish.

I don’t usually have to rush orders like this but it’s for a much-loved client who had an urgent deadline, so I agreed to help. I’ve ended up having to ask her for an extension because I have definitely overdone it this time! :frowning:

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Thanks for bringing this topic up and thanks for the advice. This has been helpful!