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Advice from a buyer about so many sellers not communicating

Hi all,

This site is like Marmite. I love it when I can go shopping in one place. I rarely get good quality for 5$ but that doesn’t matter. I expect to pay more/buy multiple gigs to get a good job done. For example all graphics work, from multiple people have always been great.

However, the past few weeks have been frustrating for me. I have ordered 4 different c++ programming gigs. I sent the same gig to all 4 people in the hope I would find a good one out of them all. I chose 3 people that had no previous gigs just to give them a go/helping hand and one which already had 1. However, after 5 days none of them replied and never delivered.

My advice to you all. Once you buy a gig. Be very clear, in capitals, if they do not acknowledge the work in a message/reply within a couple of days then cancel and give negative feedback. No matter how busy people are, going on fiverr every day to check for new ordered isn’t that hard. So two days is plenty in my opinion.

A friend suggested fiverr is great for some things, but programming is best serviced by other places (won’t say the name out of courtesy) Has anyone else had any c++ work done and been happy? Recommend anyone?

Thanks for reading.

I’ve had a similar problem with another seller in Fiverr, with payment taken, eventually cancelled by Fiverr’s customer service, then given a balance to spend elsewhere. Wouldn’t trust Fiverr ever again.

Reply to @tcdiamond: There could be several reasons for this:

  1. Lazy sellers.
  2. Your demands are too high for just $5.
  3. Your questions are too numerous for just $5.
  4. Sellers who were just not interested in your project.
  5. Sellers missed your message.

    Keep in mind that some people will be rude and ignore you, no matter what.

    Keep in mind that after fees, we can make just $3.92 for every $5 you spend.

    Keep in mind that your questions may have been answered in their gig description or video.

    Keep in mind that for just $3.92 no one wants to message back and forth first.


i have just founded the fiverr last week.

I find it really good conception.But…

I wanted to order a logo,so i wrote to different

designer but only one wrote me back!

I’ve just asked what the process of ordering a logo.

Do they make different quick sketches and than i can choose one

and than they will finalize it.Only one wrotes me back that okey order it and

he will do it.

Its not a good deal to pay 5 dollar and get something what is not fit for me,

and than again pay another five to get an other because in that case i would pay

a higher price and be sure that i will get what i want.

Okey i can see that someone has 5 enquires in the que but if they are a relaible

they have to write answer for every single question! Thats my openion.

Untill now i only get one answer.I have been posting the questions for alost one week.

I agree, at the least check the sellers response time or contact them first. I have my response time down to an hour and can usually reply back pretty quick.

I believe most of the communication issues are language barriers.

Even if the sellers country is from the US, I’d still be a bit skeptical as it can be faked with proxies. Some sellers might even have 2 teams, 1 for communications and 1 that actually does the gigs.

I only ever had 1 seller reply back to me out of countless sellers and I believe they don’t want to reply back for 2 reasons, 1 because of potential loss of sale when the customer realizes the poor communication skills and 2 because it’s probably a waste of their time and usually doesn’t lead to a sale anyways.

Then again, most of the things I usually want to buy aren’t clear cut out in the sellers gigs and I imagine the answer to my questions would be a no anyways.

Check this TRS for C Sharp and DB Work:

And this one:

Hope you had a GOOD LUCK with them :slight_smile:

Hi Wingle,

Thanks but those are c sharp and not c++ but thank you for replying.

Take care

Sometimes sellers are busy, but I agree with you that communication is important. I’ve seen alot of c++ gigs with alot of positive feedback.

Do a search and make sure you sort by rating. There you’ll get a better look at who’s more reliable.

Well sometimes seller doesn’t have any gigs related with buyers needed. I think a lot of seller in fiverr doesn’t prioritize work on fiverr. Well a lot of them have some work to do. Maybe you have to search another person who offer whaf gig you need. Hope you success :slight_smile:

dkellett said: if they do not acknowledge the work in a message/reply within a couple of days then cancel and give negative feedback.

You need to give the buyer time to respond if the order isn't "late" otherwise you're violating policy and putting yourself as a risk of getting your account placed under restriction or worse, closed down all together.

Per Fiverr's policy: "Buyers are directed to communicate further with their Sellers if there's no justifiable reason to cancel the order. Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Modifications for your Delivered order, will not be done based on Personal taste."

If you're considered about quality for $5 you might need to rethink your communication skills and how they translate to the seller. Sellers are not mind-readers, so unless you provided clear details of what you're expecting they won't be able to fulfill them according to your desires.

99% of order problems occur due to lack of constant and proper communication between the buyer and the seller. :)

In the past 10 days I have purchased 10 hourlies and I would say 7 of them I have had to dispute. Sellers are leaving it right up to the delivery point, then saying the job is delivered and sending me a message to say it will be complete within 12 hours.

The crazy thing is that they are buying themselves another 12 hours and still not delivering which is utter stupidity.

Communication is non-existent. You get what you pay for but recently there has been a sudden increase in very poor sellers.

I do not want extra for my money, I just want the job they said they could deliver… delivered.

Reply to @jonf75: The site you are referring is just a crap site. Fiverr is way way better!

Why don’t you share your fiverr experience here? Not the other site!

Reply to @dennynugroho: Hi, thanks. I normally do and therefore I chose a mix. I do like to give people who have no feedback a chance too though.

Reply to @madmoo: :slight_smile: I agree I am starting to doubt the actual ratings now. I guess where there is money to be made, people will always find a way to self promote even if they are false. Btw I have read quite a few of your posts and they always seem to make me smile

Reply to @thepromogirl: Hi. I understand what you are saying but there has to be a middle ground. It’s not like this in any other industry where you someone is offering services. You purchase them and then do not hear from them (or not at the case maybe) until the time is up. It doesn’t make sense. All I ask for is a short “Yes seen your gig. I know what to do/or here are some questions blah” but nothing for the length of a week in my case and then I am a week behind. With regards to communication, I normally produce a word doc of what I require in detail. Which is why I nearly always end up paying more but I really don’t mind if I am getting a good job done.

Reply to @jonf75: Exactly, quite agree. For me, I had to go to another site where the response was within minutes and the work was done. It’s a shame because the layout of fiverr etc is better.

OMG I am so happy to find this topic today cause I was starting to go crazy on this website. I have been a fiver seller for 2 months but for the last month I have been spending my time cancelling gig for bad and poor services. I have come to realize that once seller cash their money they do not care about the buyer anymore, they do not take the time to request detail information about your project, when you order the gig the next time you will hear from them is when they deliver a non-sense something that you didn`t even ask. I had that seller whom immediately after I purchase the gig, I ask for mutual cancellation. The day after he sent me a excel file saying that too late he already did the work. I went crazy on him, threatening him to give hime bad feedback and all. That is when he agreed for the cancellation.

Not all seller are bad, I have been working with a logo designer top of th top. (Ellinora)

Professional, kind, available, good communicator.

Anyways I wanted to share my experience with sellers on this website. Thank you very much for opening this topic

Sorry you had such a bad experience. Like a seller I can say that I always respond to all my mails in max.2-3 hours, but mostly in couple of minutes. Why? I think communications is the key to long term relationship. Personally I am more comfortable working with a person always available than a top seller that has no time to care about a single customer. Just my $0.02

My response time is 2 hours so I responded as quickly as I can. There is no excuse for a seller not responding but let me reminisce for a moment. The old fiverr notification system for messages was 1000 times better than Fiverr 2’s notification system. As a seller, you have to be aware that once a buyer makes a purchase and uses the ordering page to send messages, that it does not show up as a message in the TO DO section but instead you have to click the that little message bubble to check for messages. There have been times I got tons of messages and they get buried making it easy to not see.

I wish Fiverr would change their notification so ALL MESSAGE notifications are clearly shown in the TO DO section.

Hi all,

Thanks for all the comments. I still follow my points I made in the post but with one change. I contact them with full details first. I actually write a .doc with as much detail as possible. Then if they don’t reply I move on. The only negative is that all have come back and increased the cost. Which is fine for me. Finally I always comment that this .doc is sent to X many other sellers too and that I will make my mind up based on responses.

Once you have this routine sorted, fiverr becomes easier to use. In my opinion anyway. Good luck to all