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Advice? Just launched my first gig on Fiverr!


I just launched my first design gig where I design resumes. Any tips from experienced sellers on how to gain those first few buyers? I don’t have anywhere to promote my gig, and I don’t know any friends/family who’d buy from me haha. Thanks.

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I know I keep saying this, but have you tried buyers request? It’s very useful if you don’t have a place to market any gigs.


I checked buyer’s requests about 20 mins ago, and it was 100% spam. (Sellers marketing their services) Every single one. :frowning:


I never marketed anything outside Fiverr and I make well over 4 figures a month on Fiverr alone.

It took me a while to figure things out but these generally help

  • Get some friends or family to simply send you messages about your gig. A fast response increases your visibility
  • Segment your gig to target customer service reps, bankers, artists etc. That’s another 6 - 7 gigs that you can do.
  • BE patient
  • give your first orders all the extras even if they don’t pay for them. The five star reviews - and even more important the testimonials have a big impact

Hope that these are useful


Yeah, the spam is really bad in that section. Personally I’ve been able to find some stuff though, although it probably depends on your category.


I find that buyer requests really help the music category. I think common place application work and buyer requests are probably a tough fit because the fields are so over saturated. With music, there may be a finely tuned need out there that I specialize in where the three other songwriters who apply do not.

Video is always great to have on your gig. If you can achieve video testimonial (which I rarely see) even better.

Startup is right about concerning your efforts with the algorithm. But above all else, take the jobs as seriously and as specifically- as you would with someone standing over your shoulder.


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