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Advice me how I can improve my Gig

I didn’t understand where am I lacking?
I have 5Gigs and I submit buyer requests if it’s applicable for me. I’m doing this for about 3months. But somewhere something is not accurate. Mostly, I use google resources for my practice but I can’t use them as a Portfolio in Fiverr Gig. Can I?
Also, it’s hard to come up with dozens of new ideas, especially for newcomers.
So, any unlisted advice would be appreciated to make my gig better-looking.

Thanks in advance.


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig “I will design professional logo for business materials” has the same gig description as
“I will design representative business card”. Maybe make the gig descriptions unique (it could mention business cards somewhere in the business card gig description).

On the profile page in one of the gig images the head of one person gets cut off due to the aspect ratio. If the aspect ratio was more like 1.619:1 it wouldn’t crop so much.

You can only use things you have rights to and they should be representative of what the buyer will receive if it’s an example of a logo etc. If you have a logo design gig you should create your own sample design for the gig image (I assume you have).