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Advice me please. I don't want to get an order


Hi there,
Please advice me. A customer had ordered from drawing one character, but in description he had written he needs 2 characters. I requested to cancel that order and after he confirmed the dispute he asked me new invoice. The matter is he was angry because he had paid $1 fee and he told me about that. So, I guess he will leave bad review in any case even if the result will be extremely great. I told him that we don’t understand each other good and we will not able to work together. He said that it was ok, send me an invoice and so on. I’m not sure. I don’t have any passion to work with and I’m afraid to get bad review, you know. So, how can say him about it polite, but so to he will get it. Or what will be if I click spam? Is it bad?
Any advice please
Thank you!



first, you could have sent him an extra for the additional character.

Now that you don’t want to work with him, tell him to simply cancel the order and there is no need for an invoice.

There is no reason for him to leave you a bad review, so try not to worry about that. It’s out of your control.

You can say to him:

I am so sorry that we were not able to reach an agreement. Please accept my sincere apology. I hope you can find another seller who is able to better meet your needs.

We need to cancel this order and then there will be no need for an invoice. Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter, and best wishes.


Avoid cancellation. You should have asked to add cost for additional work. I can understand why he angry.
If I were you, I would try to get all details I need to complete the job. The job cancelled once and he came back to you, that means he really want a product from you. Don’t think negative, just do it as best as you can. If finally you get a bad review, just learn it.


Thank you for the advice!
I forgot to say that he ordered 1 character with a vector source file that is the same price as 2 characters without source files. And he didn’t need source files as he said earlier. That is why I canceled it. I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings.


I don’t understand why he is asking for an invoice. For what?

Hope he cancels before he leaves a review!


His first order was wrong and canceled, he hadn’t waited an invoice and ordered by himself. Now he is asking correct invoice from me.


Oh I see you mean he wants a custom order. If you don’t want to work with him just put what I wrote. You can add: I’m sorry but I feel that I cannot meet your needs. I’m sure you will find another seller that will be a better fit.


Thank you, there is something to think about


That’s right! I’ve already written to him so…:confused: But he says it’s ok. That’s why I’ve created this post. I don’t believe him, he has 3.8 rating as seller, so… I don’t know, apparently I am paranoid :crazy_face:
Thank you!


As received, you need to terminate the engagement.