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Advice me to get first order


Hi everyone I create a new gig many days ago I’m trying to send buyer requests daily but i failed to get first order in my gig plz help me thanks


Hey, I have just looked at your first gig.

I’d recommend editing your description, there are quite a few spelling errors and grammatical errors. If you would like some help, I’d be happy to write a description for you.
There are a few spelling mistakes, however.
I Will Design Unique A Flyer Poster Or Brochure should be: I will design a unique flyer or brochure
Instead of prient-ready, it should be Print Ready.

In the description, I’d recommend explaining the extras you offer.

Otherwise, I’d recommend advertising on forums, social media platforms.
One way of doing this is through Facebook Groups. Some of the groups I’m in range from around 20,000 to over 200,000 people. You could also try advertising your gig on forums.
Another way is to offer something that other people might not be offering, for a short amount of time. For example, offer to make a couple/few leaflets for a certain price. This can potentially bring in customers. :slight_smile:


Buddy Your Profile is nice
also GIG details. GIG image is bad and most impotent thing is your GIG SEARCH TAGS are very bad
"prient ready psd png jpg pfd" will not work I’m sure. you can use Flyer Design like tags


Thanks for helping me dear you are right
Now we need of your’s help dear i really thankful to you if u write a unique description for me please help me we need of your’s help thanks


Thanks dear
Please tell me a few search tags who i edit in my gig thanks


Below, I have written an example description you can use for your gig, let me know what you think:

I will design a High Quality & Professional Flyer, Poster, Banner or Logo for you, with unlimited revisions. This is to ensure you are 100% happy with the final product, I will change anything you like such as colours, texts, layout.
Put your trust in me, and I will deliver an unique and outstanding design for your business!

Are you looking for a well designed, descriptive and stand out poster this Spring and Summer?
Look no further! I am willing to produce a descriptive, useful, detailed poster for you to use wherever you wish. You can use this on your website, blog, social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or can be printed out to use in flyer distribution.
Tailored towards your needs, and custom made to your preference and your theme. (E.g. Colours, patterns, font, theme image)

I guarantee to deliver within 24 hours, your final clean, professional flyer/poster, all my own work! (or other product) and any extras are free of charge. For example:

  • Design 2 poster designs
  • Provide PSD File
  • Ready to print PDF File

I will deliver a JPEG File HQ, A4 Size, that is printable.
I will require information about the event, such as the date and time, any text or images you wish for me to include on the flyer/poster plus any essential information you want included on there.


Thanks for give me your’s important time


Now please guide me what is search tags?


You are spend a lot of time and work hard for me thnks dear


Above, are the tags you’ve used on your first gig. These tags are used when buyers search for listings containing these words. These tags aren’t very effective, as not many people are going to search for these, and ‘prient ready’ isn’t spelt right.

5 tags that you can use (edit your gig in overview section) can be
Design, flyer, graphic designer, graphic design, designer


Thanks for guide me dear


I wants to see you’re seach tags were i find i wants to idea


My search tags will be listed on my gigs at the bottom of the description. :slight_smile:


asking for outside contact information is against Fiverr TOS and can get you in serious trouble.