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Advice me what I am doing wrong with my gig

Hi there!

I’ve started my freelancer career today (yay!). Now I am trying to understand how to get first customers or at least regular clicks on my gig. I am looking for such information in the internet, reading your stories and gathering your experience; meantime can I ask you to look on my first gig and rate it?

Maybe you can answer on few questions:

  • what I did well?
  • what I did bad?

Of course I am happy to hear any advice and criticism!

Thank you and good luck with your freelancing :slight_smile:

My advice to you is to take Fiverr’s test for new freelancers. Plus you should use the three packages instead of the single basic one.

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Thank you, mate! I am starting the course right now!

Regarding three packages, I was thinking to provide best service for the lowest money to get first client that’s why I put only one price 5 dollars for decent amount of work. Do you think that buyer will react more if there will be few packages?