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Advice Needed Desperately

Hello Fiverr!

I’m not here in order to get you to purchase my gigs. I’ve scoured the internet in hopes of legitimate and effective advice informing me of ways for more people to order my gigs on Fiverr. I am a new seller, only being active for 21 days, but the 13 orders that I have completed have inspired me to contribute to Fiverr full time.

My gigs are:

Basically, I can transcribe audio into Microsoft Word, review products and websites, create bibliographies, do research, and edit different types of work.

I wanted to know how I could expand my orders, because although I have a 100% positive rating, the orders aren’t coming in as quickly as I would hope. I have all of the time in the world to do these things for people, so I want gigs coming in as quickly as possible.

Any advice, support, promotions, or advertising strategies for my Fiverr gigs would be greatly appreciated. Or even suggestions on other ways to produce successful gigs that I could try. Anything at all would be considered helpful!



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Hi and welcome.

Use the Forum Search Function and enter the following;

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