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Advice needed for a cheap an standardized gig


Hi there! I am doing services on Fiverr in the spiritual space. Usually people go for extras, which pay good, but everything is uniquely made for the clients situation.

I figured, Fiverr would list me ahead if I had a gig which is
1.High in demand
2.Can be standardized, so delivery won’t take more than a few minutes
3.Can be sold cheaply, I guess 5 dollar is minimum.

This would not bring too much cash in, but would ensure people are buying my services, and could be a gateway, so customers may order even more. I have been thinking on this for months now, but cannot figure it out. Any ideas? Silly ones count too!


Hi again fogi. It’s up to you but I don’t think it’s great to scout for fast easy 5 minute gig ideas in a public forum filled with everyone trying to mek sells. That’s just my 2 cents. Sellers who already have good ideas don’t want to share them, and those who are desperately trying to make a few bucks will copy you. And this forum is mostly the later type.

I think your idea for that type of gig is a good one however.


I know what you mean, though I treat the forum as a trusted community. And since everyone has a different niche, an easy gig for …say the SEO space useless for me, and my gig is useless for a designer. I don’t mind copiers, I believe I can always do it better, like my other services exist as well, but somehow people choose me.
I don’t expect someone to tell me exactly what to do, but I am hoping for isnpiration :slight_smile:


Well for example someone sells royalty free music in our category. Any type of royalty free thing like that would work as long as you are sure it’s ok to resell it. Or ebooks, information, things like that would work.

It’s a public forum with all kinds of people. And believe me when I say I accumulate dozens of identical gigs of mine each month probably mostly from here that I have to report. So whatever ideas you get from here it’s good you are ok with copiers.


Hi Fogi,
I had a look at a couple of your gigs and they look good, but the wording of the language is a bit confusing or misspelled in places. Also, for my gigs, I start with the basic pricing on the left, so no one is shocked by a premium price first, as many think all gigs on Fiverr are $5. Also, Fiverr seems to favor more variety in each seller’s gigs so they’re not all just copied and pasted.
Best of luck!