Advice Needed: How to handle buyer who isn\'t providing info?


I have a buyer who needs a major revamp of their website. They basically want a clone of I would like to do this job but the buyer hasn’t sent me the login information to complete it. They also respond roughly 24 hours after I send a message and so far they’ve sent me login credentials twice but the logins haven’t worked either time. It’s almost 4 days into the job which needs to be delivered in 2 days and I’m just waiting on a response. I’m afraid that if I cancel, it will reflect negatively on my cancellation rating and decrease my chances of getting other jobs. How best can I handle this?


1st of all, a mutual cancellation does not have an effect of your ratings.

I suggest that you cancel this order and explain that you have not been able to begin working on it as you have not had the information necessary.
Next I would ask them to submit the details you need and then reorder afterwards. If the buyer is not going to be very responsive and clearly isn’t being very helpful, you are going to need all the time you can get to complete this order. Be prepared for multiple revisions too as the least responsive buyers are the ones who always want revisions.
For what sounds like a big job, the buyer needs to be involved along the way, explain this to them and arrange a time that suits them to discuss things further. For larger jobs, I estimate the stages I will be at (I don’t share this with them) and then tell them when I expect to need their input. For example, in two days time you may have the basic layout done, ask them to check their messages in two days time and give feedback. Then update your request as you go along. This kind of clear communication really helps and if there are issues with delivery time etc. you can clearly point out that they did not keep up with your requests.


I always experience your situation. Just remind them politely that you might need to extend your delivery time since the communication between you and them is poor. It works for me most of the time. Almost most of them are willing to wait until you deliver and suffice what they need.

However always monitor your delivery time. Late deliveries also affect your rankings.


Cancel & move on. With communication this lax my ‘dodgy reseller’ alarm would usually be going off by now and even if I could get the job done, I’d be expecting problems later down the line…


What if the cancelled order just cancelled automatically? Will it be considered as a mutual cancellation?


As far as I know, that counts as a mutual cancellation.
Check with Customer service if you are unsure


One word: cancel.


Happens to me all the time. Cancel it. Mutual cancellation won’t effect your cancellation rate.


This is the exact reply from cs when I asked about the difference between mutual and automatic cancellation.

“When you have an incomplete order, you are given the option to send a mutual cancellation request to your buyer. If they accept the mutual cancellation request, then it will be treated as such and cancellation will not affect your rating. However, if you send one and they don’t respond, you will then have the option to cancel it on your own after 2 days but it will treat it as not mutual since they did not accept. If you have old orders that your buyers are not replying to, please let us know and we’ll be able to cancel them on our end which will not have any effect on your cancellation rating. I do apologize for any misunderstandings this may have caused.”


Thanks. I have heard this from many top rated sellers. They always advice me to cancel if the communication with the buyer looks stale. This could avoid future problems, thanks again.


You should cancel the order mutually. It’s not going to affect your rating.


Thanks. I have heard this from many top rated sellers. They always advice me to cancel if the communication with the buyer looks stale. This could avoid future problems, thanks again.

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1st of all, a mutual cancellation does not have an effect of your ratings.


I know this is an old topic, but Fiverr has changed the rules and refunding this order will hurt my completion rate.

My question is this, I have an order due in 20 hours. 3 days ago, the buyer told me “I will send you this soon. Thank you,” meaning instructions.

He never did!

What do I do? The order is for a Bing Ad. Do I deliver nothing and tell him to request a revision when he has the link?

Will I get in trouble with Fiverr for delivering nothing? I have one gig where all I deliver is a link, but the buyers of that gig understand what they’re getting.

The buyers of my Bing gig expect me to deliver a Bing ad (the copy for the ad). Should I deliver a guide about writing Bing ads?


That’s a good idea along with a very nice note saying you will be happy to deliver his copy whenever he sends the information you need to write it as long as you get it within the next 30 days. Give it a try at least.


I could probably find that guide online, so I won’t have to waste time writing it.

I do feel dishonest. I know it’s not my fault that my client is irresponsible, but I like doing something to earn my money. Earning without doing doesn’t feel good.

Fiverr’s new rules are creating ethical situations for sellers that we didn’t have before.


I know it but don’t feel guilty. You are giving him a full 30 days to tell you what you need to know so you can do the order. Just see what happens. If it doesn’t work then we can figure out something else.


I followed your advice. I hope I don’t get in trouble with Fiverr, if he complains to CS, I hope they understand my situation.

I did not create:

Order Completion Rate
Complete 90% of your orders, over the course of 60 days

Maintain a 4.8 star rating, over the course of 60 days


You did all you can do under the new rules. I’m not sure what else you could have done. Let me know what happens with that.


Mutual cancellation - problem solved.