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Advice Needed: How to handle buyer who isn\'t providing info?


Rather than directing him to something someone else wrote maybe you could write it in your own words so it’s your own work you send them, that guide you mentioned. And have the note at the top:’

I have been waiting to hear some information I need from you so since you have not provided that yet I am offering to send you what you ordered any time in the coming 30 days after you let me know what kind of business you have.

Try it at your own risk. I’m throwing out a suggestion but the decision to do this is yours.


mutual cancellation is the best policy!


Mutual cancellation punishes the seller. If your order completion rate isn’t at least 90%, this could cause a demotion.

Today for example, a buyer said he couldn’t use the word I gave him and demanded a refund.

I denied his request. I politely explained that I had done the job, had done the revision, never guaranteed satisfaction, and that Fiverr doesn’t allow refunds based on quality.

He’ll probably give me a bad review, but what can I do? Fiverr changed the rules, so the days of refunding every problem order are over. Until my order completion rate climbs to 95% and I can afford to refund, I won’t refund anymore.


I get so many people all the time who give detailed instructions of what they want that have nothing to do with what I am offering. I was told this kind of cancellation has no effect on anything, but according to the new analytics page there is no distinction between types or reasons for cancellations. They all make it go down.


I think it’s so stupid that people make a big deal out of cancellations. "If I cancel an order my delivery rate will go lower waaahh"
Who cares? Literally who freaking cares? It’s YOUR business. If you don’t feel comfortable doing an order JUST CAAANCEL.