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Advice needed re unfinished gig


Afternoon all,
I’m after advice please. I ordered a gig, the seller started and sent me a link to view work and asked for feedback and and changes I wanted. They wanted to check I was happy with the style before they continued further work.
At the top of the message it said “job done” and beneath the message to me and the link were the 2 buttons Request changes and “accept and review”. I did not click on eitherbotton I simply clicked on the link showing the initial work done and sent a message back advising I loved the work and ok to continue this style in completing gig. I also requested some changes.
After not hearing from seller for about 6 days I sent another message and was advised that my responses were not seen because I did not hit the “request changes button” and the gig was marked finalised.
My question is , what do I do? This seller does amazing work and I just want my gig completed or a refund so I can pay someone else to complete the work. . I sent a detailed message to seller on 23/12 with no response and another one several hours ago.
Your thoughts? And or advice would be appreciated and please let me know that by not clicking that button Request changes" and simply replying to the message I have inadvertently told seller I am happy and do not want my gig completed?
Kind regards, Sas


You are a victim of protocol. I do not see this seller as being intentionally malicious. They sent you a link to the work, which was essentially their way of showing you the finished product. The assumption of ‘continuing further work’ is where the confusion started. What the seller sent you was essentially his finished product, since they ‘delivered it’ as per protocol. If you had to request modifications, the right protocol is to click on the ‘request changes’, which is when the seller has to add the requested changes and redeliver. Not using the review request has let the system to mark the delivered gig as completed after 3 days of inaction, again, protocol.

If you’ve found a good seller, try to work it out with them. I’d be bad of that seller lost a buyer and you, the buyer, lost a good seller just because of misunderstanding the Fiverr protocol.


Thank you for responding. I understand what you are saying but our conversation was pretty clear that all I was doing was Oki ing her to complete the rest of my website pages based on how she did the homepage.
I am still hopeful of getting a positive response from seller re my last 2 messages regarding this.
Do you think I’m able to ask for my money back given the gig was for a website And I don’t have it. The link was to her work which is not live on my site. Hope this makes sense


If you can review the initial promise made by the seller and compare it with what they have delivered, and feel that they have underdelivered, you can bring it to their notice and ask them to amend it, if their response is not satisfactory, you can drop a review which reflects your experience with them. I do not know the two most important things of this case : what was promised and what was delivered. That is between you and your seller.

Fiverr TOS says that you can cancel the gig and claim refund if the delivered gig is objectively different from what was promised, but you cannot cancel if for subjective reasons, like not finding it to your taste. Example, if a web developer promised 12 pages and delivered only 10 pages, then you can claim refund. But let’s say, if you hired a logo designer and paid for one logo, got one logo from the seller, but didn’t like the logo design/font/color, then you cannot cancel the gig.


I really appreciate your thoughts and advice.
Take care and kind regards


Hi Sas. To paraphrase what’s already been said, what happened was the seller delivered the work as per the Fiverr option available to them. From that point forward, if you hit neither request changes or accept and review, the clock counts towards autocomplete in 3 days. This is what has happened. The seller probably should have sent you your intermediary deliveries via the order message system if this was what was requested, but hopefully this is just a misunderstanding.

Presumably you have now messaged them through the normal inbox message system, and not the order page? If so, and you get no reply after 24 hours, contact CS.


Thank you, I have just heard from the seller that they will be completing the job. I’m so pleased because they do great work.