Advice needed


I would like to promote my website - www.Fragglesrock - Any thoughts?

Any advice greatly appreciated


comments please


Do you mean you want to promote it in social media?


There is a variety of ways, testimonials, reviews, backlinking a lot of us could help.


Um, not sure how you could promote that product on fiverr as your price point is well in excess.

I suppose you could find a “Pregnancy” info product you can sell for $5. Get to level 2 then you can sell the part of the scrubs for the "Gig Extras"

As Magis has asked, are you looking for GIG recommendations to order?


@markdudanj , I have a Fiverr gig where I analyze websites and it is getting good reviews. If you want me to tell you how to make it more attractive, I can do that in a video for you:


Post about it on parenting forums :smiley: under expecting parents.


There is not enough content on the site. There are issues with your meta tags. You have no backlinks to the site ( well one fresh backlink ) and your store is incorrectly set up from an seo perspective… I’m sure @hotwebideas above can help you out.