Advice needed


Hello everyone, I am new in fiverr. Please look at my profile and gigs. Tell me any change needed or give me your advice. I will be thankful and appreciate your advice. Thanks all.


Reply to @mahmudul3950:

its fiverr not fiberr. data entry have allot job here just need to check the other top rated seller how they are selling in this category then create gig with faster delivery and more work.



Thanks for your advice.



You gigs all are Data Entry, There are lot of guy available for Data Entry and all my advice learn some special skills like Graphic Design, Web Design, so that you will be get more order, If you want to be earn in Fiverr you must be unique.




Although totally accurate, your gig pictures are pretty boring.


Thank you for your valuable comment. @ mallika 255

I am not understanding what to do Give a picture of my own project or Select one which match the gigs title. Please suggest me your opinion. Thanks @ vainpaper


I’d suggest you shoot promotion vids for every one of your gigs - seeing a person in front of you creates more trust than seeing a screenshot of MS Excel.

And even if you don’t like this idea, at least you’d want to put something more attention-grabbing as a thumbnail (bright colors would be a good idea).

Also I don’t think that “I can data entry from pdf, scanned document, and photo” is valid.

“I can enter data from pdf files, scanned documents and photos” sounds better to me.


Reply to @mahmudul3950: I’d create one from scratch. Like maybe find a cool background that isn’t copyrighted and put your own ad over it? Pictures of yourself working or a video explaining what you do would work too!