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Advice of all kinds, I wait for you many

if you need advice I’ll wait with pleasure

Dear @loveintheair don’t your picture as gig banner. Gig banner gives an idea about the gig to the buyer. So, try to make some gig banner and use them. Beside your GIG description is too short.image
You should describe your gig more broadly also try to use English it will help you get international buyer.
Thank You
Ruhul Tusar


thank u very much for your advices if you have others
I will be happy to listen to them

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It’s not your Dear. don’t mention it again bro, buddy, sir etc the buyer will put off.

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i don’t understand what do you mean

The way @ruhul_tusar used ‘Dear’ is acceptable, like in starting a letter ‘Dear whoever/Sir/Madam’ - no need to tell him off! :slightly_smiling_face:

What you’re trying to explain is that ‘dear’ shouldn’t be used instead of the person’s username, which is fair enough, but a bit off topic. :wink:

Please check it.

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If you want to use it’s too good As you wish. I just inform him.

Cheer you!

what is your problem brother?. To whom i said Dear she don’t have any problem . So, what is your problem??

How can I help you and you do you mean?