Advice On A Little Order Issue


Hello, I would like to start off with saying I love Fiverr. I’m pretty new here and well…hi everybody :smiley:

So, I’ve sold a few orders and they went great. Unfortunately I ran into my first problem and I was hoping I could get some advice on what to do. Somebody ordered my gig, and didn’t submit the order requirements. So after a few days I sent a friendly reminder….

Now onto the problem. A few days later I get the notice that the requirements were sent, so I logged in and looked at the order and I saw that instead of the information I need to start the project, it’s just a message. To paraphrase it said “Sorry, I’ve been sick with the flu and can’t function right now, thanks for understanding.”

That started the delivery countdown though. I sent a very nice message back, I told them the timer started and if they can, to please send the info I need to start/finish the project before the time is up. It’s been a few days now and haven’t heard back and time is running out. I completely understand things come up and I’m not mad at all, however I don’t think it would be fair if I got a bad mark on my record for something that isn’t my fault and I can’t control. Would be even worse for a new seller. So what should I do?

Shall I deliver a blank video with a message explaining that I had to deliver something just to stop the countdown and when they can to send me the details and I will quickly make their video? Not sure if that’s the best idea, chance of getting bad feedback. Just throwing the idea out there to see what you guys think.

I read that letting it run out of time is an automatic bad feedback and canceling is better. If I have to cancel it do you think support can look at the order, see that what I’m saying is true (and I couldn’t do anything) then cancel it on the “back-end” so it doesn’t show any cancels on my public profile? I would of course send a message to the buyer explaining why I had to cancel and if they wanted to order again I would be more than happy to do it.

Sorry for making the story so long, wanted to be descriptive. Any input is welcomed and appreciated, thank you!


Thanks for the quick reply. I definitely don’t want to do anything against the TOS. I will probably have to cancel. When I request the mutual cancellation does it stop the countdown immediately or does the buyer have to accept first?


Thanks. Last question, how will the one cancel effect me getting to level 1? I know I still need to get more orders and have 10 days to go. Just wondering for the future.


While delivering blank is a no-no, it is often suggested that if the buyer did not/cannot at the time provide the instructions, then you should deliver an IOU. That is, deliver a message promising to complete the project when the instructions are filled out. A cancellation, especially when not yet leveled can greatly impact your ability to level up.


Reply to @cheezees: Hmm, that could work too. So just don’t attach anything, deliver the IOU message and complete it when the details are sent. Just a minor gamble I suppose, as it would leave them the option for bad feedback. Course if it all went to plan I wouldn’t have a cancellation.

Oh also, if I request a cancellation and they decline it (within the 3 days) does the countdown pick up where it left off at the time of the cancellation?

And sorry, guess I still have questions. Even after all the research there is tons to learn still about Fiverr. Appreciate the help guys.