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Advice on a possible type of editorial gig


Hi, I was just wondering if a gig offering to give an appraisal and expert opinion on somebody’s Children’s Picture Book idea would be a good gig. The trouble would be that 98% of the time I would be pointing out why it wasn’t going to work. Do people want to pay for bad news? :wink: I would offer solid advice on what to change, ( within reason and bearing in mind the $4.00 i would get ) how to approach such a project, but it probably won’t be what people want to hear but what they NEED to hear. But they wouldn’t know that and think I was being negative. . . Is it worth a try? What do you think? thanks, Jon



There are tons of Proofreading and Editing gigs on Fiverr. Have you checked them out for ideas?

Myself having spent 20+ years in voice over and on radio and tv, I’ve done a lot of writing for a wide variety clients and found that business people, doctors, lawyers, corporations, authors and other folks who want to grow and be successful are never opposed to hearing some “bad news”.

Best! :slight_smile: