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Advice on a Translation Gig

Hi! I want to create a gig offering translation services from Spanish to English and vice-versa. Should I create one gig for translation from Spanish to English (written in Spanish) and one gig for translation from English to Spanish (written in English) or just one for both?


This is a great question. My instinct says to create two gigs because it is human nature for buyers to try and order a gig that exactly matches their search enquiry. In other words, someone looking for a Spanish to English translation is far more likely to order a gig that says “I will translate from Spanish to English” instead of “I will translate from English to Spanish” - even though it is basically the same service! However, I am not sure how the Fiverr algorithm will respond to you having two gigs that are basically the same. Other sellers will need to add their thoughts here, as Fiverr doesn’t allow sellers to have duplicate gigs.


You’re right, people feel more comfortable if they find exactly what they’re looking for. Thanks for the heads-up about duplicate gigs, I think I’ll go for what’s safer and post one gig for both and clarify that. I may also write the description in English and Spanish. Thank you!