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Advice on getting buyers?


Hi I posted my first gig a little over two weeks ago I know these things may take time but can anyone provide tips to improve my business? I’m kinda shy when it comes to promoting myself any kind of help or advice would be appreciated.


I know you might have gotten this before, but have you tried buyers request? It helped me a lot when I didn’t have any reviews :slight_smile:


No? I’m not sure what that is but I’ll look into it thanks :grinning:


No prob! It’s under the “Selling” tab. For some people it can also show up as “Send Quotes”.


Do you by any chance know of other ways to promote yourself? Unfortunately I picked a market saturated with potential sellers? Oh and thanks again for the response it was greatly appreciated.


No problem!
I personally didn’t really promote myself that much, as I’m a student and my “professional network” mostly consists of other broke students :stuck_out_tongue:
You might have to search around for other posts on the forum that address that better. Sorry I couldn’t help more!


Hello, first of all, best of luck with your gigs and hope you will do the best. I have started working on Fiverr since January this year and now I am a level 2 seller. I promoting my Gigs on different Fiverr forums on Facebook and also my Linkedin profile or even in Twitter and then I started to get orders and now because of the quality of my work, Fiverr featured one of my Gigs and I am getting orders every day. So I think promoting yourself on different social media would be a great idea also not only for getting orders but it helps to improve your Gig’s Impressions or view or clicks. Though you are bit shy so you can take help from the service of Fiverr’s other sellers who are doing business of promoting your gigs and I think it’s the best way to get noticed.

Have a nice day!


It’s ok thank you I will look around as you mentioned wish me luck :blush:


I think the best way to get customers is to advertise a lot on your social media platforms.


I’m going to be honest I don’t really use social media. In fact I only have Facebook, and because I’m still in highschool most of my friends on the platform are from my school. I guess that’s why I find it difficult to see social media as a viable option. However, I’ll take your advice considering that does seem like the best way to promote myself. Thank you for your input Angelo have a great day too!