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Advice on how to proceed with seller

Hi All,

I’ve been a buy on fiverr for about a year now and have made some great relationships with some sellers.

I just wanted some advice on how to proceed with a TRS that I’m working with at the moment.

I paid over $100 for a design gig, that also included 24 hr delivery and a source file.

For the gig, I wrote a 2 page long brief on exactly what I wanted on my design. I even chose the color palette and drew a mock up (in Word) of how I wanted it to look.

The seller delivered within 10 hours…but it looks NOTHING like I’d asked for. Absolutely nowhere near the mockup, or the instructions.

They’ve allowed for modifications or revisions, but I believe this would constitute as a total redo of the entire thing.

Given that it looks like the seller hasn’t really looked at my specs, what would you suggest I do? Do I request a modification and waste more time waiting (I need it urgently), or do I cancel and move on?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello. Communicate with the seller first, tell that it is different from what you requested, ask to check out the requirements once again. If the seller is stubborn and doesn’t want to redo then cancel the gig.
See, sometimes it can be misunderstanding, give the seller a chance to fix things… if he doesn’t do that - the cancellation will punish him

Hi Nuhihi, it seems like an oversight. Maybe the seller has a lot of orders in their queue and did not pick up your brief. Your detailed communication appears to be your strong point in the great relationships you have formed on Fiverr, let it do its work here. I would recommend going back to the seller with your concern, and advise them that you need the gig completed urgently. If after that the sellers customer service goes down hill, cancel the order and move on. I hope you get this resolved!

a 2 page long document of instructions? That seems like it might have been way too much that does not allow for any creativity of the designer.

That being said, I would write back to the seller and say that the design does not fit with anything in he instructions you sent and how do you suggest we proceed because I am not happy with the work and it was not what I clearly asked for.

Also, did you contact the seller BEFORE you actually ordered the gig? And did you send this 2 page brief before or after you paid for the gig?

I’m all for creativity. This particular project was a little complex, which is why I detailed how I generally wanted things to look (and it wasn’t 2 pages of text, it was design features I liked and wanted to see, colors, charts etc).

I only wrote that document because the first seller I’d approached actually told me that it was too complex for him, which I appreciated.

And yes, I always contact sellers to see their availability, if they could do what I ask for, I send sample files, have a discussion and ask for a quote for the gig of what they think is a fair price.

I only bought the gig when my current seller had a look at my mockups and document and said they could do it easily.

So, an update…I got back to the seller and told them that their design was great, but not suited for my purposes. I resent my mockup and asked them if they could please stick to the general design of the outline I needed.

They happily modified it…and send me another design that not only looked nothing like the first design they’d made, but once again looked nothing like what I asked for.

I’ll be cancelling, but I’m so disappointed as I’ve lost time I could have put towards another designer.:frowning:

Thanks for the great advice everyone. I’ve never had a bad experience with a TRS before. Unfortunate.


A great way to always meet “your design needs” would be to contact the Seller before and look at the samples the designer previously completed.

Then you’ll absolutely know what the designers are capable of, you can even ask for a design similar to one of their previous samples.

Nice idea with including the mock-up for the original request!

Hope that help!

Reply to @nuhihi: Maybe it is not them doing the work. I think some sellers have “teams” of people working for them. But do cancel it and go with another seller.

HOwever something to keep in mind is that if one seller is saying it is too complex, that should at least alert you to the fact it might be too complex. How much did you pay for this? I mean how much was the base gig, as I know you paid extra for fast delivery but what was base? Just curious.

Reply to @nuhihi:

nuhihi said: I’ll be cancelling, but I’m so disappointed as I’ve lost time I could have put towards another designer.:frowning:

Equally, I’m sure the seller is disappointed to have spent X amount of hours working on your brief, only to be left with no payment.