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Advice on Increasing Prices?

So I have a gig that I feel is doing pretty well (at least for me and how new I am). But the number of orders is getting to be a bit too much. With this pretty much being my first gig on this site, I started out charging really low: $5 for my basic gig (a simple illustration) with a 24 hour turnaround time. (Though I have since increased my prices by $5 on each package.) I’d like to charge a more reasonable amount now that I have a few orders/ratings under my belt, and maybe increase the delivery time, but I’m not sure if that is acceptable or not.

I’m wondering if it’s okay for me to up my prices as well as remove “24 hrs” from my Gig title or if that would be seen as deceptive. Should I just delete my gig (or maybe pause it indefinitely?) and create a newer version (of course different enough from the original so it’s not “copying”)? I feel like it would be a shame to lose all the progress I’ve gained on that gig and don’t want to remove it if it can be avoided. But I’m tired of charging so low for how much work I’ve been doing, so I wouldn’t be too upset if I had to start over. I mean… if I got this far once, I can do it again, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Any advice is much appreciated!

P.S. If it matters, this is the gig in question:

Edit: I forgot that I had also written “cheap” in my gig title. I’m worried if I delete “cheap” and “24 hrs,” Fiverr will think I’m trying to cheat the system.


Now that you have established some type of reputation on the site, you should edit your gig a bit more to fit your pay/work ratio. Remove the 24 hrs if you must as well. This is your business, run it how you see fit.


First of all, congrats!
Good to know you are doing fine.

I’d say go ahead and raise the prices, remove the “24 hour” bit as well if it’s going to help, make all the necessary changes.
When I first decided to raise my prices I was VERY nervous, I thought I’ll lose some of my returning buyers, but none of them got upset, in fact a lot of them told me “it was about time.”

I DID get a few people who were upset with my other gig after I raised my price, but that was a small number and it did not hurt my business at all.

If I remember it correctly, I added “Thank you for your order. BTW, I am planning to raise my price a bit very soon, just wanted to give you a heads up” to the message a few times when sending a finished order. I think it worked fine for me.

You’ve came this far, you deserve a raise! :wink:


I was in the same situation, I will share some of my experience on editing gig.

  1. Some of your returning buyers may be lost, but don`t worry most of them contact you about incising price. if your service is great they will probably order your gig.
  2. dont add gig price, delivery date, account level to gig contents (images). I was doing this mistake, when I am going to upgrade my gig I dont have the project file so I have to redesign and re-upload my gig images. Keep gig project files safe it always needs in the future.

It’s ok to edit your gig but don`t do it always.
hope these will help you. :innocent:


Oh, I forgot that I had also written “cheap” in my gig title. I’m worried if I delete “cheap” and “24 hrs,” Fiverr will be mad at me, because they think I’m trying to cheat the system which I don’t want to do.

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Well what good is it to make sales if you’re making less than peanuts to do it?

The point of Fiverr is to support yourself and make good money.

If you feel you can only make sales by charging peanuts then you need to be targeting a different market. If you are exceptional and not superfluous and targeting buyers who understand value, then it’s not an issue.

So you must research your competition and the demand and then build from there. Don’t assume you can only sell by catering to cheap people.


I agree. Good heavens… never focus on selling to the “cheap people”. More often than not, @juanitataylor, those tend to be the worst, most demanding buyers there are. Target the people who want quality work, not those who want cheap services. If you want to make a living as a freelancer, that isn’t going to happen if you charge only $5.

Charge what you and your services are worth. Find the customers who value you and your services, not the “cheap people” who only want to pay $5.


I understand. I only charged cheap in order to get my foot in the door and had always planned to eventually raise my prices. I have just heard people on the forum here talk about how you shouldn’t change your gig title and since I said in my title that my work is cheap and fast, I was looking for a bit of clarity on wether or not I’d get in trouble with Fiverr for changing it since I want to charge more now that I’ve established myself a bit.

I frequently sell my $180 package (and often, with add-on services on top of that). You won’t get in trouble for editing your gig with higher prices. Always charge what you and your services are worth.


Getting your foot in the door of the dollar store means you stay in the dollar store.

It doesn’t make it easier to move your product to High Street and attract the higher end audience there for a higher point.

If you market yourself as cheap and do it to a cheap audience, that doesn’t give you any advantage in a different market. It puts you at a disadvantage.


I guess I was just hoping to rack up some reviews, but what you said makes sense. :sweat_smile:Thanks for the advice, I will definitely keep this in mind in the future.

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If the demand is there reviews will follow. That’s why you must research your market and tailor your offering to it. You could try a niche, depending on your research.

People who understand value know what a return on investment looks like and they know they get what they pay for.

And as @jonbaas explained, the cheapest people are also the worst buyers.