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Advice on my first dealings with a customer?

After a long drought of no customers, I finally got another potential buyer. He wants me to make a unique logo for him. However, he did not place the order yet, and I went ahead and told him that I’ll get started on his drawing right away, already getting to work on it. But I realized that this guy never even told me which kind of gig he wanted (basic, standard or premium). What should I do?


Bad move.

Don’t do ANYTHING until an order is placed.

Otherwise, you’re just working for free.


You put the cart ahead of the horse in this case.

Don’t do anything. An order has not been placed and you don’t have enough information to properly do anything anyway.

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Oh crap. Should I send another message, telling him to place his order first?

That would help, or send him a custom offer, but it seems you still don’t know enough about the order.

Make sure you have a well developed Order Requirements page or you may end up still stumbling in the dark.


Don’t start working, before get an order. Some fraud could be take a free work from you.

However, you can do one thing, you can explain to him the prices and services associated with your gigs, then ask him which service he needs. When you have an order, you can begin working.

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Thank you! I already sent another reply, asking him which Gig does he want.