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Advice on my podcast transcription gig


Hi guys,

I originally created a gig where people could give me a podcast of any length and I would manually transcribe it. However, I received an order for a 56 minute podcast which took me around 6 hours to complete, and I was completely exhausted. I don’t do this full-time, and so I felt like I’d made a huge mistake with my pricing and time length estimation. I have edited my gig now to the following which makes it feasible and worth it for me, but I was just wondering if you guys could tell me whether this price is acceptable or whether i’ll just get no business because of other people who do this full time or use software to automate the process? Any tips or comments are welcome.


Assuming it takes around an hour for 10 minutes of audio, I think your pricing seems pretty fair, but I’m not experienced in the area. If I was you, I would do some research on Fiverr and compare to what other people are charging and where you fall in that range. (Remember to keep in mind that as a new seller with no(?) reviews, you will likely need to charge less than the level 2/top rated sellers who have a lot of reviews)

The main issue I would personally have ordering your gig is the delivery time- over 2 weeks to complete one podcast episode is kind of crazy. I understand this isn’t a full time thing for you, but that would be a huge factor for me as a buyer- I probably wouldn’t want to wait more than a week to have it completed.

If you’re struggling to find the time to complete orders throughout the week, it would be a better idea to limit your queue size, rather than extending the delivery time to be over half a month.


Hi Joy,

Thank you for this. I have adjusted my delivery time to 7 days - do you think this is ok or still too long?