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Advice on No Gigs

Advice on no gigs please? I have followed advice. I have updated my gigs, added my own logos, reworded.

I would really value some feedback from experienced hands

I would love for someone to give me some feedback. However, I do not wish to be insulted. Tell me what I have done wrong, that is great, please do not rubbish me for asking (as some have done) this is a “how to improve my gig” thread so please do not tell me off for asking how to improve my gig.

You have o take into account that maybe the categories you have gigs in, may already have a low audience and high competitivity which in itself will mean it’s already more dificult to get views compared to other areas. Try researching the platform and see what other categories you could fit into that also have high demand.

As for your gigs themselves, apart from the advice given above, I’d say add different types of packages, that will be really good for you in terms of how much you’ll make but it will also make it more appealing to buyers, since they’ll feel like they have more choice.

Do yourself a favor, search for some graphic designer of fiverr and ask them to create your thumbnails. Remember, fiverr is a highly competitive place, the first thing people will see that will make them want to take a look at your gig is your gig’s thumbnail, so make it the best you can.

Consider adding more images on your gigs. I get it that you’re a writer and there won’t be much to put in pictures, but do so in some creative way. You can print what you wrote and photograph it on your desk with a warm light and cup of tea or a nice table at the sun, or whatever, something that will look pretty even if it doesn’t make sense. The preview images are very important for your gig, think of them as comercials for your gig. Also, when you get to deliver orders, always set up a preview image like that as well, since gigs image previews show up in your page accompanied by the buyer’s review, it’s always good to take advantage of that.

Wow thank you SO much for taking the time to write all that and advise me. Really good of you. I will take it into consideration and work on it. I mean it, really thrilled you were so specific for me. thanks again

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Glad to be of help! :slight_smile: