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Advice on not getting scammed - Audio file

I just got my first order and I just realized how easy it is for people to get scammed here. I told the customer that i’ll send them a demo-basic concept of what I’m going to create. Although, one guy on another post said to never sumbit previews through the chat because customers can simply run away with it. My customer hasn’t bought any gigs yet. Do I make a custom offer/ select one of the existing gig packages, tell them to accept it and continue from there?
Need advice ASAP


You could make the demo about a similar concept with the same style, but not exactly the same (and explain the issue of submitting previews so the client knows why). You could also sell them a demo through a custom offer for $5, then give them $5 off for the main package.


Many people suggest the same thing: Never do any work without having the customer pay first, you’ll probably waste your time. So I guess i’m sending an offer


audio jungle… audio jungle… audio jungle… sound familiar?

Put audio watermark on all your samples and demo deliveries.


You should have samples readily available that demonstrate what you can do.

Your sample library should give the prospective buyer enough confidence to work with you.

Any prospective client who expects a free custom sample is a client I don’t want.

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