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Advice on Online Marketing needed

Hello everybody!

What in your opinion is currently the best Online Marketing Method for getting quick results?
This is what i do: I have a small business going on, where i organize pub/bar crawls for Bachelor/ Hens Parties. I have a facebook page and a little one page website with a fill out form on it. So my goal would be to get as many people as quickly as possible on my site and fill out the form, so i can then get back to them.

Any advice is highly appreciated!


First off - People do not like just finding a page and handing over their contact details.
If I was to send 100 potential clients to you (using my magic wand), I would doubt you would get many if any to actually sign up.
For a business/service like yours, your potential clients need valid reasons to sign up, to choose you rather than someone else or doing it themselves. You might have great reasons to tell them but they need to see them FIRST, before they sign up, rather than afterwards. That would be the first step I see you needing to take because any marketing you do after that will be much more effective then.

It’s a common mistake I see people making, believing that people are out there just waiting for “you” to show up and take their money. They are not waiting, there are lots of options out there already so you need to prove yourself to them, no matter how good your (hidden) service is.


Thank you for your solid advice! I think you’re absolutely right!
So how would you go about it? I already have a pretty good description of what i do on my site written by a copywriter. I also had someone produce a very good vid. And now i could add some pictures. What do you think about that?

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Have a look at the Youtube channel of Gary Vaynerchuck.


Thank you! I already did. Maybe i need to dive in more deeper. :wink:

You definitively should.
Whilst working I always have Gary Vee and Seth Godin running in the background.
Listen -> UNDERSTAND -> Apply -> Repeat.
It’s all on you.

I don’t understand your love of this guy - I find him incredibly irritating! I can’t watch anything he does.

That is all good stuff - make sure to show options, variations, specifics of what you offer. For that market, video will be very effective but unfortunately, getting a video of actual activities which look good to someone sober may be a little more difficult :slight_smile:

In addition, write more, write about specific “nights” such as “Casual night in Vienna”, “Pub crawl in downtown Vienna”, “Stag weekend in the Alps” etc - these will catch the eye and imagination more than “we can organize your perfect stag weekend” type content.


I assume you’re offering your services locally, right? If you don’t have much competition then your site might have a shot coming up in Google for that specific location, otherwise I think you should focus your efforts on marketing off-site.

If your target audience is bachelors then partner up with a wedding planner. Personally I find that for local services referrals work the best and if you partner up with someone who’s involved in the wedding planning and whatnot then they can refer you for the parties.

Your website would be just like a portfolio of what you do and if they like it then they fill out the form for a consultation.

If you have hard time finding partners then go with the good old marketing in local papers, radio, pubs etc.


My thinking was more that it was for bringing people to his city, rather than those who are already there. Most stags tend to take place away from where you are known (or that’s how the Irish do it anyway)


Fair point. I didn’t think of that.
For some reason I instantly assumed that bachelors will hire someone local to them to do the party planning in whatever city, but indeed, they might hire someone who is local to the destination where the party takes place.


On reflection, while this sounds like a good idea to me - it probably isn’t.

I like the name, but I doubt most of them come back in one piece :smiley:

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BUT, if they have @pano99 as their guide they will.
USP right there.

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You guys are good at this stuff…


I like it. There’s probably a tagline coming “Stags who end up on the wall will get a full refund” :smiley:

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I think we need to start a Dublin/Talinn stag party organizing company.

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EDIT: Removing the link as it’s promoting OP’s competitors maybe :smiley:

It has nothing to do with love. Everything what he says and writes makes much more sense than what anybody here on the forum says. He also has a track record.


Having enjoyed both places (really, Talinn is stunning) that’s almost a good enough reason to renew my vows :wink:

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Indeed - but if you see his video with Fiverr, you can quickly see that he isn’t an expert on everything and that his ideas and methods will not work (or possibly be cost effective) in every business. At what he does, I can’t argue with the fact he is very successful. In terms of advocating him for anyone who wants to make SM work for their business, I would disagree.