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Advice on pricing please

I have a pretty well established gig and thought of a new one to try to enter a slightly different market than my primary gig. I priced the gig at $5 which covers up to processing of 100mb of data and approximately 15 minutes of my time. I received a custom order request from a potential buyer to process 30gb of custom data. I have no idea how to price this, There will be at least 24 hours of work to write the code to do the custom processing, then running the code against the data. Should I just charge for 3 days worth of work (development of custom code)? Would it be unreasonable for me to just scale up my basic offering of $5 for 100mb and multiply it 300 times to cater for 30gb?

In the end I understand it all comes down to the customer’s budget and what they are willing to pay, just hoping for some ideas on if this seems reasonable or not.

At the end of the day, at the bare minimum you need to charge for your time and costs and then profit on top. So if it is going to take 3 days to work on this then charge accordingly. Then bear in mind the market prices and the value you are providing to the customer/ what they are willing to pay.

I would ask the customer what their budget is for this project and if it is within an acceptable range then you can negotiate from there.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice and suggesting a few more things for me to consider