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Advice Please? Begging vendor



I ordered a simple logo design from a vendor who did an incredibly bad job incredibly fast. I’m 100% certain it took him only seconds to do it. He gave me…an orange owl with the words I requested merely typed below in Arial 24 blue. My words have NOTHING to do with owls - it’s a logo for a biz conference!

I scolded him, scored him low and that was that. Now he begs me daily to erase my negative comments, pleading with me that he’s a poor student (which I sincerely doubt!) I wrote back and explained I didn’t want anyone else to get burned, and if he does so poorly in his schoolwork as he does at logo design, he won’t finish anyway.

I do not feel the least bit inclined to change my review. I’ve ordered many Fiverr gigs and this was the worst. Ever! What’s your best advice to get him to stop begging me?


You could ask if hes willing to do a revision, firmly let him know the review stays, ignore or if you feel its getting out of hand then click the report button in the messages.


My question is does he even know why he got the low rating in the first place?

In the messages he sent you, did he mention anything about wanting to work on a revision?

If he’s only saying please remove the negative and not saying he would do his best to work on a better version, I’d say ignore him.

Of course there is a possibility that in HIS MIND he offered his best work, but simply was not good enough for you, and he is completely lost and does not know what he needs to do.

How was his portfolio? I’m guessing you ordered his gig since you saw his sample images and they looked good. If the samples look great and his actual delivered work was so poor, that means he was not willing to put in the effort to create good work, and that shows how serious he is with his stuff. Also there is the other possibility of him simply stealing other people’s work and claiming it to be his own. Wow, I can go on forever with this :stuck_out_tongue:

You do have the option of blocking his message. Just hit the “report” button at the bottom right of the message box.


He maybe mislead some how! Any way ask him a revision, Send him something to work with. Give him a chance and see what happen


I agree with a combination of the above, but in any case don’t waste too much more of your time. Tell him to send you a revised/new logo within 48 hours, that suits what you actually asked for, if it’s good you can re-write your feedback to say that at first things didn’t go well but the seller corrected the situation. Done.

If the seller hasn’t given any impression that he’s willing to fix his mistake and is simply begging you to change your feedback; report him. Done.