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Advice please on cancelled order buyer

I’M new to Fiverr and I’m looking for advice on how best to deal with a cancelled order customer, who’s stolen my work.

I created an Intro / Outro and cartoon logo design a couple of weeks ago for a customer who was difficult throughout the process, including asking for a YouTube banner to be created even though it wasn’t part of the gig. After I delivered to their brief plus the banner for no extra fee, they came back and said they’d decided to go in an entirely different direction, so I was fairly glad to be rid of them and we agreed to cancel the order.

Out of curiosity I looked on their YouTube channel to see what their “different direction” was only to discover that they have cropped the banner I created and covered the Fiverr watermark that was on the delivery preview with a YouTube logo.

I still have their email address and was looking for advice on what I should do next (report to YouTube or email etc) or do i leave it so they dont try to sabotage my Fiverr listings?


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@gt_digitalart find stolen work manually from tough i gauses, fiverr try to hide seller work also!

Report all of that to Fiverr, report his profile.


Yep, report it to Fiverr AND Youtube (with printscreens). People can’t just publish stolen work, period.


Yep, first send a message to fiverr CS telling them that your client using the work after he cancelled an order and ask them to contact him to ask him to remove your work. Also attach a link or screenshots of that banner.

Secondly contact YouTube right away and report him for copyright infringement, that he is using files that belong to you and he has no right to use them and attach screenshots of the order that was cancelled.


That’s a red flag a buyer will be a scammer.


this could be a DMCA case, since you own the copyright on that work, not them

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