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Advice Please

I have been ripped off. I did a substantial voice over job, sent the audio, had it approved, was tipped and complimented for the work and now the order has been cancelled and the money returned to the buyer. The buyer, of course, has just cancelled their account and disappeared. They have my audio and they have done a runner? Anyone advise me what to do please? thanks.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. It looks like the buyer did a charge back through paypal or their credit card company. Usually when that happens Fiverr shuts down the buyer account as well.

I hope the order wasn’t a large one. If it was, I would suggest to split bigger projects into individual gigs to protect yourself.

I am sorry this happenend to you.

I have it happen at least once a month and this month was about $100 worth. They do a Paypal chargeback so fiverr cancels their account.

Way to go! Great move.