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Advice regarding a making a website for my service

Hello everyone,
Can you please advice that should i make a website for a blog type earning. I had many questions that:
1- How does bloggers earn?
2-I am aware of affiliate marketing, but does one earn from affiliate marketing even?
3-For google adsense, does every click on a ad help you in earning? I heard that a website needs to be 6 month old so that you can be registered for google adsense is this true?
4- How will i get traffic to my website?
5- Do we regularly have to add new content on our website?

I have googled all this stuff even but wasnt clear so i thought maybe i could ask you. Please explain. Thanks alot.


I think you misplace your question here. this is Fiverr forum, a place to discuss all the things and experience about Fiverr.
but I don’t know, maybe someone can help.


My website will be related to my services of fiverr, they will have a link to fiverr gig so i guess this is the right place

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This doesn’t really seem related to Fiverr, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve researched.


I guess you havent read clearly, i mentioned i didnt understand clearly. Thats why i am asking.

okay, but none of your questions are Fiverr related.
these are examples of Fiverr related question.
how to improve gigs on Fiverr?
how to get more buyer request on Fiverr?
how to get repeating order on Fiverr?

Just because I say I can fly doesn’t mean I can. You’re on the wrong forum, and you put this under the “Your Fiverr Experience” category. There are literally hundreds of sources for you to find the information your seeking and this isn’t one of them. Good luck!

Hello, Distinguished @pvitalsolutions. Although your inquires aren’t Fiverr related, I however wish to help you clear some of your doubts about your inquiries.

1. Bloggers earn from affiliate marketing. From your post, I understand you know that already. But you seem not to know how the affiliate marketing works. It functions in two ways:

(a) you apply for Google AdSense or
(b) via the massive inflow (traffic) of visitors to your blog with which you can convince brand owners to place their adverts on your blog. For such advert placement, you earn.

2. On the duration of a blog or website as a requirement for meriting the Google Adsense, this isn’t a certainty, as there are many websites that have been existing for a long time. But yet has no AdSense. CONSISTENCY, STRICT COMPLIANCE TO GOOGLE RULES, ORIGINALITY AND FACTUALITY OF CONTENTS BEING PUBLISHED, HIGH SENSITIVITY TO PRIVACY POLICY, amongst others are the perquisites for a blog or website being qualified for an AdSense.

I am aware that Google has temporarily paused its AdSense insurance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. To get traffic on your website, it is my professional advise that you create social media platforms for your website. Build the social media platforms. For instance, create a Facebook page and use the invite button to invite as much persons as you want to like your page. Once you’ve got enough LIKES on the page, share your website content links to the page and see your Facebook audience trooping into your website. Similar approach can be replicated on Twitter et cetera.

Another approach to getting traffic on your website or blog is to pay Brand Promotional Experts (BPR) to render you the service of making your website popular, thereby getting more visitors.

I am a BPE. You can rely on me to give you a satisfactory service. I am also a website developer, content creator, digital marketer, amongst others. My services will certainly be of much growth to you and your brand.

4. Regularly adding new contents on your website makes you noticeable, serious-minded and stands you a chance of earning.

I hope you find my response helpful.

Warm regards.

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Thank you so much Patrick for explaining so well. So there isnt any limit that a website needs to be 6 month old? Am i right?
Thank a lot for such a detailed explanation.

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You can find insights on all of these questions via Google search. There are literally thousands of resources available.

The forum isn’t a shortcut for researching.

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Tell a good person for your needs. You can build a website where you can earn money with Adsense and other advertising.

The concept of is simple. An affiliate (you, the blogger) promotes a company’s products or services using a special link that identifies your blog as the traffic source. When a reader clicks on your link or purchases the product you’re promoting, you earn a commission. Essentially, you’re sending leads and traffic to an advertiser or seller’s site, and they pay you for that.
Writing about a product without adding an affiliate link won’t earn you any money. To have your unique, trackable affiliate link, you’ll need to join an affiliate program. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to create affiliate links to add to your content.