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Advice regarding an Anon Buyer


I am very new to Fiverr and I’m still testing the waters for now. Currently, I have an anon buyer who is willing to offer me a 3month contract job for his/her company. I’m not really keen on accepting this job as it sounds shady, however, I am also in dilemma since I would also like to gain some experience working a gig here in fiverr.

I may want to reject the offer, but I did show enthusiasm for the job on our previous conversations. Help?

Why your buyer is “anon”? You can see their profile. Right?

Also as per fiverr TOS gigs can not be longer than 30 days delivery time. If something sounds shady it is definitely shady and worth staying away from it.

You didn’t give any details of the project he is offering you so we can’t really help you with an advice.


You are not allow to work on a specific gig more then 30 days @rinamaeb

Except for a name, he/she has nothing on the profile - which is really shady. Thank you! If he/she ever replies back, I’ll just reject it and I’ll probably need to reread the fiverr guidelines.

I’m currently doing a virtual assistant/data encoding gig.

Thank you! I’ll reread the fiverr guidelines again since I really just skimmed through it all.

This is a common scam that some buyers do to new sellers. Once you agree they want you to do some shady things like set up bank accounts for them, or profiles on other freelancing sites.

Every profile that is made by a person who buys only and does not sell or set up gigs has only their name, their country and the month and year they signed up to Fiverr.

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