Advice Regarding Seller Level Promotion- Need Help Please


Hi I am simeonlafroid and I am a level 1 seller I have been in fiverr since august 2014 but have not made up any sales till december. From december I started making sales and crossed 10 sales and reached level 1 .Then I saw 50 orders to be made within 2 months to reach level 2… Now I have over 70 completed orders within 25 days from level 1 but still I haven’t moved to level 2 …What is that ( within 2 months time) actually meant here on fiverr!! Experts please advice and counsel!!! Thanks


I believe it is 60 days and 50 completed orders. It is automatic and if you meet the requirements it will happen a few days after 60 days. Congratulations.


thanks sir for the information…regards