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Advice: Tips for improving your service(s)


I’ve been on fiverr now for a little over 4 months now and I have been lucky enough to reach level 2! It’s been a great learning experience so I thought I’d share a few tips that have worked for me:

  1. Request Feedback: I always circle back after the gig is reviewed and ask for feedback to see what they liked, disliked and how I can improve my service. It is important to request feedback even if you got a positive review/rating as they are usually the ones with the best insight.

  2. Patience: It is a grind to start but be patient and hang in there, if you are new at this, you may sometimes spend over an hour and making less than minimum wage but it’s all a learning experience to help build a better service. It’ll pay off when you reach the higher levels.

  3. Over deliver: When you over deliver, you are doing a few things: 1. Ensuring you keep that 100% rating, 2. Building stronger services that can turn into extra gigs, and 3. You can also use it to test and shape new ideas suggested by customers.

    Stay ahead of the game and always look to improve your services, there’s a ton of competition out there so it’s important to continuously improve your services.

    What are your tips on how to improve and expand your services?


These are great tips. I am still new to Fiverr but I have found that the customers I’ve dealt with so far really seem to like that we keep them up to date on their order. Even after they deliver the info needed, we still message with an expected time/day of delivery.

Also when we’ve had issues, like the squirrels aren’t co-operating (lol) we give them an update on what is happening. We try to put some humor in there too. It’s always been well received.


These tips are really helpful. I just reached level 2 today! I try to always deliver on time. if i think my order will go into the late status during the night, i do it a day before its due. Sometime I ask customers for their advice on how I can improve many times i dont have to even ask. i just try to be polite with customer that really helps too


Its our first time on fiverr and fiverr Rocks! We are hoping to expand our customer base from to fiverr!

Still have some new products not on fiverr yet in the pipeline, any ideas on how to launch a new kind of Gig?