Advice to Buyers for Programming gigs


Try native forums and services to hire BEFORE using anyone here. Look for real experts in the field.

I had 2 experiences right now. First item I posted here seems very easy. I got offer of $150 from here and more and days to complete. The item already had previous stuff done in form from other developers and I did all the server work myself. I got ahold of the original plugin developer off github. He stated it would take a couple hours and cost $30-35.

Second was a much harder project. I expected to pay $1k on average for what I needed. I got offers here of more then 1k. I decided to check another place and look for people that specialize in that work. That are tested and qualified for what needed to be done. After about 3 people I was talking with one and he understood exactly what I was looking for and needed. I was expecting a high price tag and all tho he said it is alot of work, price was $350 and another guy got back to me that was $375.

While it was something hard for those that dont understand it, its not hard for people that specialize in the field. Its just another day and something they are already used to doing and understand.

Looking for work on here just netted people with no experience in what needed to be achieved.


Looks like you’ve run into the classic problem of developers and Fiverr. The people you can find on Fiverr are usually much better at grunt work or simpler development, not because of lack of skill, but lack of motivation.

20% of our profits are taken by Fiverr, which is the price we pay for “protection” from bad buyers, and frankly for developers thats a substantial amount of income.

On Fiverr, there are few ways to link your outside portfolio to actually show what work you’ve done, so it can be a challenge to find actual capable freelancers here.

I hire off of Fiverr for jobs like design or some publishing-related tasks. But I wouldn’t trust a developer until I can see their portfolio and what they have actually done.


As with any field based on expertise, this is a factor to pricing. The days, weeks, months, years or even decades spent working and learning within a field are of value. I wouldn’t dismiss this as “they already know how to do it, so it should be cheaper and easier for them to do”.

Should I go to a high-grade restaurant and expect cheap food because they spend all day cooking in the kitchen and I don’t?



I like your point.

Its really true. I was once a developer; designing UML, developing project, debugging, testing and documentation all take time. I saw I can’t freelance and I was also inclined towards Business Analysis so I moved to Business Writing and started my own Business in this field. I love it and want to progress in it.


Do you realize that your experiences are highly contextualized to your individual/personal experience and do not reflect the work ethic of millions of sellers who are registered to work on Fiverr.

You’ve extrapolated one experience to draw very broad conclusions. What you are basically saying is that all experienced and reasonably priced programmers dwell in other forums and all talentless exorbitant sellers dwell on Fiverr. That’s quite an implication you are making.

I hope you understand that the price someone quotes is not just about whether the work is complicated or simple, but there is something known as opportunity cost. Any seller is going to charge their clients based on the other work they have and how much they would lose out if they prioritized your work over their other clients (in addition to commanding a higher price for their expertise, like @twistedweb123 has mentioned). If you contact the original plugin developer on Github to modify his own plugin, he is more likely to have a dedicated business which revolves around his product, so it’s natural for him to prioritize it. Likewise, if you purchased hosting from a hosting company, you are more likely to receive priority support from their costumer care helpline than if you hired someone on Fiverr to set it up for you.

Your individual experience is not a reflection of what Fiverr as a marketplace is all about. For what it’s worth, have you considered the possibility that programmers have accounts on multiple freelance sites and mold their offerings and prices according to the nature (qualitative and quantitative) of the work that each marketplace offers them. Saying that developers on X marketplace are better/worse than developers on Y marketplace is based on the flawed assumption that a developer on X marketplace exclusively works on X marketplace and a developer on Y marketplace works exclusively on Y marketplace.