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Advice to improve my Gig


It’s been few days since I joined Fiverr. I am digital artist and specialized in mandalas. I usually do digital art for home decor, frames, clothing, wallpaper, etc.

I can hardly see any buyer requests. I am looking for tips/advice to improve my Gig and start getting orders. Also, let me know your views/opinion on whether I should create 2 gig for Digital Art and mandalas or keep a single gig?

Thank you


@janeeditor I have seen you made good progress and help everyone. I always try to read all your comments. It would be great if you can give me some advice. Thank you for your time in advance.


welcome to fiverr family
If you select wrong key word then buyer don’t knock you and you shear your gig all social media

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Hi @ojaswirao thank you! I have just taken a look at your gig and I think you have done a really good job of it!

With regards to splitting your gig into two, it’s always best to make your gig as specific as possible so you are more likely to hit a niche and therefore someone will find you. If your mandalas and digital art are different, then it might be a good idea to split them into separate gigs.

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@piash_talukder Be aware that the term “knock” is not one you should ever use in a professional setting. It doesn’t mean what you think it means. Please see this thread:


keep you moral high … keep learning and improving your portfolios including gig … stay online success will be your … good luck

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Thank you so much. This is really useful advice. I’ll research more and create more gigs as you suggested. It helps a lot. Thank you again.

Thank you so much. Staying online is something I need to focus on.

Thanks for Fiverr community forum.
My tips is
Describe your gig what you have skill. Hope you will get job very soon.
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Actually this is very poor advice. There is no evidence to suggest that staying online has any impact on your gig rank. I don’t stay online all the time - far from it - and I’ve landed plenty of work on both Fiverr and Upwork.


Active more on fiverr and read regular Forum post to gather more knowledge

Share your gig on social media
Keep patience


That’s great. It’s actually not possible for me to stay online for long time. Let me focus on more research and building better profile and gigs.

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As usual, just below someone showing that active online more is useless advice another just has to blindly post it like they are saying something magical. Magic it may be but like Harry Potter, it is all made up. Sigh.

Anyway @ojaswirao Your gig is nice enough but there are some things that I would change for better long-term success.

Get rid of reference to Instaham. You don’t want to send people there. You may hope people research you that well but Fiverr specifically says not to link there for a reason. Respect that and show that you respect that too.

There are sites you can use to show Portfolio (see the TOS) and better ways to use your in-Gig slots.

While the vid you have is ok, it doesn’t add a lot of value. If you have a vid then better to make it a slideshow of many works to get people to see your range fast. Use music. Something decent, not just cheap nasty library music that makes your images feel cheap and nasty. It needs to support the work and make it feel magical. The vid you have is interesting but you can use that on YouTube and maybe even explain what we are seeing as otherwise, it is a bit confusing.

Make sure images are clear as to what they are: that Buddha with stars and mandala. Is that really gonna be what I get with a basic gig buy? Use levels for complexity and color and make it clear what each image could look like at each price.

As Jane said separate into landscape and mandala Gigs. More work to set up but that not only helps people find and understand you but shows more work which proves that you are a genuine active artist.

Use words to explain yourself better. Lists have some use but you need prose to act like poetry to get us connected with you the artist so you are seen as special. Thinking your type of buyer doesn’t read is probably a massive mistake. This brings me to…

Price. $5 is not what you would pay for a Picasso. Ok so you aren’t Picasso but at $5 you are telling me that you are not Picasso which is not a good plan. Put a better value on yourself and your time (these things take time). What would one of these cost me if I wandered into one of those shops with Eastern-type stuff, burning enough incest to make me sneezy? It wouldn’t be $5 even for a print on paper I can tell you.



Thank you for spending time for me and advicing right things to get me started. I have noted all the changes and research which is needed to upgrade my profile. I’m very very thankful to you.