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Advice To Make Your Website Popular With Link Building


Increasing your link popularity is an important task to rank high in the search engines. Your link popularity is defined by the number and quality of the links pointing to your website, but also by the number of different domains pointing to you!

Well, here are two effective methods you can use to increase your link popularity.

  1. More links: The most common way is by building additional links pointing to your website. But even if you get them from high PR domains doesn’t mean a huge boost for your SERP. Some of the techniques generating mostly “low value” back links (Do not get me wrong, they are valuable if they are from related websites, but they are not valuable enough) are: Article marketing, blogging, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking and so on. These techniques ares certainly effective, but they should be combined with the second strategy!

  2. More value: Many ways you can utilize to build back links will only bring you a low amount of link popularity. Often there are many links get never indexed by Google, and so they are completely useless for your SEO campaign. The only way to avoid this is by building hyperlinks to the pages linking to your main site, this will not only increase your websites popularity, but it will also make sure that these links are indexed by Google! This is what many marketer don´t do, here is your advantage!

    I highly recommend to combine both techniques for best results, and one warning at the end, do not over do it! By building too many back links at once, you risk to get banned or de-indexed by Google, and this is certainly something you do not want!

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for a local website like this http://fragglesrock how would I pull this kind of traffic? i don’t need worldwide traffic but specifically local. They have alot of top five list and food stuff but how does someone just starting with no writers compete with the popularity of another established local website. (sorry if this is the wrong area to ask this)



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Reply to @smoogles: Your site must use the right keywords and content.

You can buy seo article marketing. It will be useful for your site.

For backlink, as is suggested above. Au flavor was nice


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link building may work but what i think is important Quality and Authority content. Be creative in what you provide on you site.


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